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Pairing: Tadaiki
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8400+
Summary: Because of a kiss, Daiki found himself falling in love with a guy he never planned on getting associated with
Note: I actually wrote this fanfic 2 months ago but for some reason, I forgot about it so I never posted it until now XD And I got too excited while writing this that it became really long lol. I was actually thinking of cutting it into 2 parts but decided not to XD Also, I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes ><
I hope you'll like it. Enjoy~

Arioka Daiki was a nerd. He was always wearing glasses and would always study, study, & study. His classmates always thought of him as gloomy because he never talked to them and all he did was read and read all day. He never even tried going out with a friend after school. Well, he didn’t even have any friends in the first place. It was not like he cared anyway. He preferred being alone instead of being with people. But that only lasted until one fine day, he had to stay after school because his teacher asked him for a favor and being a teacher’s pet, he immediately agreed.

While he was walking down the flight of stairs, he saw someone at the bottom of the stairs leaning against the railing. The guy looked up at him and upon a closer look, he realized who it was. Daiki looked down like what he always did whenever there were people around and tried to quickly go passed the guy. But then on the 3rd step, he suddenly tripped. He closed his eyes waiting for the impact from hitting the ground but he didn’t feel anything except something warm against his lips and something was holding his waist.

Daiki opened his eyes slowly to see what it was, and he saw a pair of eyes looking back at him. After a few seconds, he suddenly realized what was happening. He was currently on the floor with the guy under him. And what was worst was that they were actually kissing. Yeah you know like those in dramas when a girl would suddenly trip and the guy would catch her and they would accidentally end up kissing. Yeah something like that.

Waking up from the shock, Daiki immediately stood up from their awkward position and he could somehow feel himself blushing. But when the guy was about to say something, Daiki immediately ran away. Yes, he ran away because he felt so embarrassed. And he just couldn’t be with the guy any longer because he felt something weird inside him.

And that guy was not just any other guy, that guy was Takaki Yuya, the most popular guy in their school because he was near as perfect. He was athletic, smart, friendly, nice, handsome, tall, and everyone liked him. Even though Daiki liked to study, Takaki was always 1st among the students while he was always the 2nd. He did kind of hate him because of that, since he would always study but he wouldn’t see Takaki study even once for their test or something because he would always see him playing around instead. It was not like he was watching him okay? He would just notice it because their classmates were so loud whenever it was about Takaki.

They were also in the same class, but they never talked to each other. Because they were just so different from each other that Daiki couldn’t see himself associating with Takaki. Even though they had been classmates for 2 years already, not even once did they interact with each other.

Daiki scratched his head before banging his head on his desk. He could just forget about it and act like nothing happened but why does he kept thinking about it. Daiki touched his lips because he could still somehow feel the other’s lips against his but then he mentally slapped himself when he realized what he was thinking.

“This is the worst. I can’t concentrate” he looked at the book in front of him. For some reason, nothing would go inside his head even though he kept reading it again and again. In the end, he decided to just give up from reading his book. He went to bed early that night. Yeah, it was just too much of a shock for him because it was his first kiss but maybe if he sleeps, he would be able to forget about it.

But his hope was crashed when he looked at his clock which showed 5:00am. In the end, he was not able to sleep at all and he would have to get up in an hour too. But maybe because of tiredness, he found himself waking up from his mother’s voice. Telling him to wake up because he was going to be late for school.

He gasped when he looked at the clock which showed 7:00am. He was supposed to get up an hour before but he fell asleep. He never really used an alarm clock because he could always get up on time and he never thought there would be a day when he would actually wake up late. His class would start in 30 minutes so he only had a few minutes left to prepare. When he was finished preparing, he only had 15 minutes left before school starts and he ran as fast as he could. He looked at his watch and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get to school on time. He sighed, still running.

He looked at his side just to see Takaki riding his bike and went passed him. Daiki was a bit shocked to see the other guy because he never thought he would actually see him on the way to school. He never saw Takaki before on his way to school but then, maybe Daiki just goes to school way too early. Daiki decided to ignore him and continued running anyway but then the guy decided to turn his bike around and stopped in front of Daiki. Because of what happened yesterday, Daiki suddenly got shy and could feel his cheeks getting warm. He looked at the ground instead of Takaki who was in front of him.

“Get on. I’ll let you ride with me” Takaki pointed at the back of his bike telling him to sit down there.

“No, that’s fine. Thanks though” Daiki immediately declined. He just didn’t trust himself being that close to Takaki.

“Are you sure? You’re going to be late at this rate even if you run” Takaki looked at him with concern in his eyes. Daiki looked at his watch to see that he only have 5 minutes left before their class starts and his only best option now was to go with Takaki.

“I’ll go then” Takaki said after he saw that Daiki was not responding.

“Wait!” Daiki stopped Takaki from going before the latter could start pedaling his bike.

“I---can I go with you?” Daiki asked fidgeting.

Takaki smiled and let Daiki sat on the back of his bike.

“Hold on tight if you don’t want to fall” Daiki hesitantly put his hands around the guy’s waist. When Takaki was sure Daiki was ready, he started pedaling his bike. Daiki could feel his heart pounding loudly that he was afraid the other guy would hear it. It was the same feeling he felt yesterday and he didn’t know what to do. But he didn’t hate being this close to Takaki. Even though it made his heart beat like crazy, he felt happy. In the whole ride, no one said anything but for some reason, it was not uncomfortable at all.

And they did arrive on time, thanks to Takaki. It was a good thing that no one saw them together though because he never liked being the center of attention and he knew if students saw them, that would happen.

He said his thanks to Takaki before going to their classroom first. When Takaki arrived in their classroom, people immediately gathered around him and Daiki realized once again how different he was from him. That thought never bothered him before but for some reason, he kind of felt sad. And he hate to admit it but he was also kind of disappointed when Takaki was acting like nothing happened between them. Maybe he was the only one making a big deal out of it because that kiss was only an accident after all.

Daiki sighed when he looked at his grade. He just couldn’t concentrate on studying these past few days because of a certain person and his grades went down because of it. It had been 2 weeks since that incident and he still couldn’t get his thoughts out of it. He kept thinking about that guy over and over again and it was getting worse as days went by. He didn’t know when it happened but he would also find himself looking at Takaki every chance he got. He could feel his eyes following the guy everywhere which was something he never did before.

“Yuya!” As Daiki heard the guy’s name, he looked at where it was coming from and saw Takaki running towards his friend. He saw Takaki laughing at whatever his friend just said and they looked so close that Daiki felt jealous.

‘Jealous? Why would I be jealous?’ Daiki thought to himself after he realized what he was thinking.

Daiki decided to just concentrate on his homework instead of the guy. That was why he was currently at the library so he could do his homework and not watched Takaki. He silently scolded himself.

Daiki went to look for a book that would help him to do his homework. After a few minutes of looking, he finally saw the book he wanted but it was at the very top of the shelves. He tried reaching for it but he couldn’t reach it.

‘Stupid height’ He grumbled and silently cursed his height. He tried to look for a ladder or just something that could help him reach the book but he couldn’t find anything. Sighing, he decided to step on the shelf instead. When his hand touched the book, he smiled and took it. But before he could go down, he lost his footing and closed his eyes when he realized he was going to fall.

He braced himself from falling but he didn’t feel the ground. Instead, he felt himself landing on something soft. Well, not literally soft but softer than the ground at least. He opened his eyes and saw arms wrapped around him. When he looked up to see who saved him, he saw Takaki holding him. So close that he could feel the other’s breath.

“Are you ok?” Takaki asked him obviously concerned.

“Ye-yeah, I-I’m ok. Tha-thank you” Daiki stuttered when he found himself so close to Takaki.

“You really fall a lot, aren’t you?” Takaki joked while laughing. Daiki pouted but in the end, he smiled too.

“You should smile more often”


“It suits you, your smile. I like it” Takaki smiled at him and Daiki could feel his heart skipped a beat.

Daiki didn’t know what to make of it. After saying that, Takaki was called by his friend so he left Daiki in a state of shock. He never thought he would hear his classmate say something like that to him. Daiki’s mind was in turmoil. He didn’t know what to feel about that. Why was it affecting him that much? Why did he feel so happy over something like that?

Daiki was folding his clothes in the living room when he looked at what his mother was watching. It was romance, the type of genre he hated. In the movie, a girl fell in love with a guy that was out of her reached because the guy was popular while she was an average person and someone who wouldn’t get notice at all. Even though he hated romance, he stayed because he felt intrigued. It was like he could somehow understand what the girl was going through.

Halfway through the movie, Daiki kind of felt envious when the guy that the girl liked was actually in love with her too. He somehow wished that Takaki would also be like that to him.

He gasped when he realized what he just thought. Why would he want Takaki to like him? That was like saying that he liked Takaki like how the girl liked the guy from the movie, right?

‘No way…..Right?’ Daiki stopped folding his clothes when he came to a sudden realization about his feelings. Then when he looked at the screen again, it was almost already the ending and he saw the two protagonists kissed which made him flustered because it reminded him of that kiss.

“Is there something wrong, Daiki?” His mother asked him when she saw his son staring off into space.

“What? Ah no, I guess I’m just tired. I’ll go to my room now. Good night, mom” Daiki carried his clothes and hurriedly went to his room.

He put his clothes inside his drawer before sitting on the floor beside his bed.

“I do like him, don’t I?” He whispered to himself.

“What do I do?” Daiki put his head between his knees and stayed like that for a few minutes thinking. It was never his plan to fall in love especially not to Takaki. He didn’t think he would even like the guy much less to fall in love. It was just like what they said, expect the unexpected. Because something you least expected would happen before you know it.

Daiki was currently in his PE class playing soccer. He was actually not good at sports and was only good at studying. Even though he should be focusing on playing soccer, he could only focus on one person. After finding out his true feelings, it somehow became worse. Every time he saw him, he could see sparks around the guy and he could only see him amidst their classmates. Because he was not focusing and was only staring at Takaki, he didn’t notice a ball coming his way.

“Daiki!” Someone shouted and when he finally woke up from his trance, it was already too late.


A ball collided with his face. He fell to the ground and he thought he saw Takaki coming closer to him, but he couldn’t confirm if it was him because he lost consciousness.

When Daiki woke up, what he first saw was a white ceiling.

“Where am I?” He whispered to himself before looking around to see where he was.

“School infirmary?” Daiki quietly told himself when he realized where he was. “That was embarrassing” He buried his face into his hands when he remembered why he was there in the first place. He was not embarrassed because he got hit by a ball but because he was sure Takaki saw it. But how did he get in the infirmary? Did someone carry him? But the last one he saw was Takaki coming towards him. Wait, did Takaki carry him?

“There’s no way” Daiki shook his head.

Daiki took his bag that was in the chair and got ready to leave. He went to his locker to get all the things he needed before leaving the school but at the school gate, someone blocked his way with a bike.

Daiki got surprised to see who it was. Standing in front of him was Takaki, smiling at him.

“I’ll send you home” Takaki offered.

“Huh? But---“

“No buts, you’re injured, right? I need to make sure you get home safely”

“Ok” Daiki couldn’t argue when Takaki put it that way. Well, he didn’t really feel pain anymore even though his nose still hurt a bit. He thought he could go home even without someone walking him home though. But then, he should just enjoy it since it was rare to be together alone with Takaki.

They were now walking together while Takaki was pushing his bike. At first, Daiki thought of just rejecting his offer because he felt bad that his classmate had to walk when he could just ride his bike. But Takaki insisted that it was ok since he also wanted to walk.

“You’re lighter than I thought” Takaki suddenly said which made Daiki stopped in his tracks.

“What….do you mean?” Daiki had a feeling about what the other meant by that but he wanted to confirm if what he thought was right.

“You know since you lost consciousness back there, I carried you to the infirmary”

Daiki blushed when he heard that, no not because Takaki thought he was light but because he carried him. To be honest, he wanted to know how Takaki carried him, was it princess style or piggy back ride. Daiki hit his head to get rid of what he was currently thinking.

“Is there something wrong?” Takaki asked when he saw Daiki hitting his head.

“Huh? Oh no nothing” Daiki awkwardly laughed.

For a few minutes, no one said anything. Daiki saw a group of students hanging out together, when something dawned on him.

“Is it ok to walk with me? What about your friends? Don’t you always walk with them?”

“Ah that. Don’t worry, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all. I like walking with you like this”

Daiki could feel his heart beating faster just hearing that he liked walking with him.

“But you’re pretty observant to know that I always walk with them” Takaki added.

“Ah well, I guess” Daiki acted like he was calm but he was already panicking inside. Oh no, did he sound like a stalker? What would he do if Takaki found out that it was because he was always watching him?

“What about you? Don’t you hang out with friends after school?”

“Well, that’s—I don’t have friends?” Daiki said making it sound like a question.

“Oh right. Sorry” Takaki apologized which made Daiki kind of guilty even though he didn’t have anything to be guilty about in the first place.

“That’s fine”

“Then let’s hang out together next time” Takaki said with a smile.

“Hang out together?” Daiki repeated. It was the first time someone asked him to hang out and he was kind of happy to hear that. Well, maybe not kind of but more than happy to be asked to hang out.

“Yes or you don’t want to hang out with me?”

“No, it’s fine! I mean I’m ok with it” Daiki answered but toned down his voice when realized he was acting too eager about it.

Damn, did he just act too excited? Takaki wouldn’t think of him as weird, right?

“Good, that’s a promise then”

Daiki immediately nodded his head. He hoped he didn’t sound so eager just now. But then, it would be just the two of them together. Didn’t that sound like a date? Daiki blushed at the thought.

They walk for a few minutes more before they arrived in front of Daiki’s house.

“Thanks for walking me home”

“It’s not a problem at all” Takaki said with a smile. But before Takaki could go, Daiki saw his mother coming home maybe from grocery shopping since she was holding plastic bags.

“Your friend?” Daiki’s mother asked after she saw her son and Takaki.

“Yeah” Daiki just answered. To be honest, he didn’t know what to say since he didn’t even know if Takaki and him were friends but then maybe they already were since they would be hanging out together. Doesn’t that what friends do?

“Hello, I’m Daiki’s classmate, Takaki Yuya. Actually, Daiki got injured so I offered to walk him home”

“What? Injured!” Daiki’s mother suddenly got worried.

“Don’t worry I’m fine now. It’s not really serious and it doesn’t hurt anymore” Daiki assured his mother after he saw her becoming so worried.

“Since you’re here and you even helped take care of Daiki, why don’t you eat dinner with us?” Daiki’s mother offered to Takaki which made Daiki shocked. It was not like he hated the idea though because that means he could be with Takaki longer.

“Is it ok? I hope I’m not intruding” Takaki accepted.

“Of course it’s fine. Right, Daiki?”

“Ah yes of course”

“Why don’t you two go to Daiki’s room and I’ll just call you when I finish cooking” Daiki’s mother said after they got inside the house and she went to the kitchen.

Daiki suddenly got shy because his crush was going to be in his room and they would be together there, alone. Daiki showed him to his room and they went inside.

“Woah~ I didn’t think your room would be this colorful” Takaki was looking around as if he was impress on what he was seeing.

Like what he said, Daiki’s room was colorful. Daiki liked bright colors and he especially like sky blue. His bedroom wall was painted in sky blue while his bed was light blue. And in his bed, there were plush toys. Now that Daiki thought about it, would Takaki think that he was acting like a girl?

“It’s really cute like the owner”

Daiki suddenly looked down. ‘Does he have to say that bluntly?’ Daiki could feel his cheeks getting warm. He touched his cheeks and tried to calm himself down.

“Are you sick? Your face is red. Are you still not ok from earlier?” Takaki suddenly got worried when he saw how red Daiki’s face was and cupped his cheeks. Takaki then put their forehead together as if to check if Daiki was sick.

Daiki gasped after Takaki did those things. ‘It’s because of you!’ He wanted to say but stopped himself from saying it.

“No, I guess it’s just hot. Don’t you think so?” Daiki immediately thought of an excuse and got away from Takaki since it was making his heart pound hard against his chest.

“Well, I guess it is”

A knock was heard and Daiki answered it. His mother told them that dinner was already ready so they went down to eat.

Throughout the dinner, Daiki’s mother was asking Takaki how was Daiki in school.

“He was really quiet and only read books” Takaki said

“Yeah, Dai-chan is boring, isn’t he?” Daiki’s mother added

“What? Stop that” Daiki felt embarrassed being the center of the conversation.

They were teasing Daiki throughout the dinner and Daiki could only pout.

After dinner, Daiki walked Takaki towards their gate and said their goodbyes to each other. Daiki watched outside his house until he couldn’t see Takaki anymore. He touched his chest which was where his heart was beating loudly. He sighed, his feelings was getting stronger as days went by.

“Do you like him?” A voice suddenly startled him but what startled him the most was the question directed to him.

“Mom! Of course not. What are you talking about?” He tried to deny but he knew his mother could read him like an open book. And it didn’t help that he was currently blushing.

“Really? But throughout the dinner, you were only looking at him” Daiki’s mother acted nonchalant while exposing how Daiki acted through dinner.

“That’s—“ He couldn’t say anything since it was true and sighed.

“Are you going to confess?”

“Huh? Why would I?”

“So you can be together? Don’t you want him to be your boyfriend?”

“Well…I don’t know” Well, he seriously didn’t know because he never thought of that.

Daiki’s mother patted him on the back before saying “Do whatever you think is right so you wouldn’t regret anything in the end”

Daiki rolled around his bed because he couldn’t get the words his mother told him earlier out of his mind.

Did he actually want to be together with Takaki? Would he be happy if he just stayed as just a friend to him? Probably not. He wanted to be more than that but he didn’t know what Takaki thought of him. What if he confess and Takaki started hating him because of it? Could he take that? He was seriously scared of that thought. When did he start becoming like that? He used to be someone who would not care being alone and wouldn’t care what other people thought of him. But after Takaki came into his life, it made him sad just to think that the guy wouldn’t want him to be his friend anymore. It was like Takaki made his life complete.

After thinking a lot that night, he finally found his answer to all his questions.

Daiki was leaving their school when he spotted Takaki at the gate leaning against it.

‘Is he waiting for someone?’ He saw some students asking Takaki to hang out after school earlier but he turned them all down. He was actually kind of surprised because it was the first time the guy turned people down to hang out. He knew Takaki liked hanging out with friends so he wondered why. When Takaki saw him, he stood up straight and waved at him.

“I was waiting for you” Takaki answered as if he could read Daiki’s mind.


“Let’s hang out today”

“What? But I still need to stu—“ Before Daiki could finish his sentence, Takaki took his hand and was already dragging him somewhere.

“It’s ok, I promise you will enjoy it and you did promise me you’ll hang out with me, right?”

“Ok” Seeing that Takaki seemed so eager about it, he couldn’t really say no. And once in a while is fine, right? He just let Takaki dragged him to wherever.

Before he realized it, he was already standing in front of a batting center. He gave Takaki a puzzled look. The guy just smiled before dragging him inside.

After playing for awhile though, he was already getting annoyed. Takaki was only watching him outside the batting caged since he began playing. It was already embarrassing being watched but what was more embarrassing was that he just couldn’t hit any balls no matter how much he tried and Takaki was watching him being a fail at it. Besides, they were supposed to be hanging out, they were supposed to be having fun together not just him. And anyway, did Takaki invited him there just to watch him?

But these days, Takaki was always staring at him for some reason. There was a time when they decided to study together a week before their exam. Instead of studying though, Takaki was just staring at him that he got so uncomfortable. He asked if something was wrong but the guy just told him that he looked cute focusing like that so he couldn’t help but stare at him. Daiki blushed when he heard that but he tried to cover it up by hiding his face behind the book he was reading.

“Can you stop staring at me? I can’t concentrate!” Daiki complained, clearly showing that he was getting annoyed by it but Takaki just laughed.

“It’s because it’s fun watching you”

“Are you making fun of me?” He glared at his crush, unamused.


Daiki pouted when he heard Takaki’s reply.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset” Daiki could clearly see that Takaki’s apology was not sincere enough because he was still laughing so he glared at him.

“No really, I’m sorry” Seeing the glare, Takaki finally stopped laughing and instead smiled at him.
Seeing his crush smiling, he just couldn’t get angry at him.

“Did you have fun?” Takaki suddenly asked him while walking home together. Takaki offered to walk him home which he refused at first but his friend insisted so he just let him do it.

“Yeah, I did” He answered honestly.

“Then let’s go again next time”

“It’s ok but next time, don’t just watch me until the end” Daiki complained. But in reality, he was actually happy that he was able to spend some time together with Takaki.

“Ok, ok. I’ll not do that again”

They walked for a few more minutes before they arrived at Daiki’s house. He was suddenly feeling sad that they have to part already.

“We’re here”


“Then, I’ll go now” Takaki started turning around when Daiki held his sleeves. Takaki looked at him confusedly and Daiki gasped when he realized what he did. He immediately let go and apologized.

“Sorry” Daiki looked at the ground as if wanting to be swallowed whole by it. Then, Daiki felt a hand touching his head.

“I had fun. Thanks” The taller one said while patting his head.

“Yeah, me too” Daiki shyly replied.

Takaki smiled and started walking away after saying goodbye to Daiki.

Daiki touched his head after Takaki left. And he could feel himself smiling.
Daiki was walking in their school hallway when he heard some of his classmates talking with each other. At first, Daiki decided to ignore it but then he heard his and Takaki’s name in the conversation so he decided to listen. He hid himself in the corner while listening to his classmates’ conversations.

“Did you hear, someone saw Takaki with someone the other day?”

“What? Really? Was it a date?”

“I’m not really sure but I heard he went out with someone from this school”

“No Way! With who?”

“They said it’s that gloomy guy, I think his name is Arioka Daiki?”

“You mean that nerdy guy who’s always studying? Seriously?”

“I hope it’s not true because it’s going to affect Takaki’s popularity if it is, right?”

“I think it’s not because why would he even risk his popularity for a person like that. And besides, even if it’s true, it’s just because Takaki is really nice and he can’t leave the poor guy alone”

“Yeah that’s true”

“Let’s go, it’s almost class time” The students said as they left to go back to their classroom.

Daiki just stood there and absorbing all the things he heard. But what stayed with him the most was the fact that Takaki’s reputation might get ruined because of him. Of course it would. Daiki and Takaki were from a different world. There was no way they could be more than friends. And were they even friends in the first place? What those students said was true, Takaki was just being nice to him because Daiki didn’t have any friends. Takaki just couldn’t leave him alone because he looked pitiful. And most of all, the guy would never like him the same way Daiki like him because they were both guys.

Daiki clutched his chest and sighed before going inside his classroom.

It had been almost 2 weeks and Daiki was trying hard to avoid Takaki. It was hard because they were classmate. Whenever Takaki would talk to him, he would always make an excuse just to avoid talking to the guy.

Daiki was currently erasing the board after class because it was his duty to clean for that day. Actually, there were supposed to be 2 more of his classmates to help him but they left him alone saying they were busy. He knew that was a lie though and they were going somewhere to play.

“Unfair” Daiki huffed. If they just helped him then he would already be finished and he could have finish his homework already but here he was still cleaning.

After erasing the whole board, he decided to sweep the floor. But when he was about to take the broom, someone pulled his hand. Daiki gasped, surprised, and looked at the person who was currently holding his hand. But before he could say something, Takaki was dragging him somewhere already.

“Wait, Takaki!”

“Stop this! Let go!”

“Takaki!” But no matter how many times he called the guy, Takaki still kept going without even looking at him.

Takaki finally stopped and he turned around to look at the short guy. Daiki suddenly looked down because he knew what the guy was going to say.

“Are you avoiding me?”

Daiki couldn’t answer and just kept looking down. But Takaki held his chin gently and made him look at him.

“Answer me, please” When Daiki saw Takaki’s eyes, he saw a pair of eyes looking at him sadly.

“I—I’m sorry” The short guy apologized. He suddenly felt guilty looking at those eyes because he was the cause why Takaki looked so sad.

“Why are you apologizing? Are you saying that you’re really avoiding me?”


“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t”

“Then why?”

“Because it’s troublesome” Daiki regretted the moment he looked at Takaki’s eyes because he saw hurt in them.

“I—“ Daiki tried to clarify what he was trying to say but he got interrupted when Takaki suddenly spoke.

“If you didn’t want to be friends with me in the first place, you could have just said so” Takaki’s expression changed and he looked at him with an unreadable expression before turning around to leave.

Daiki wanted to tell Takaki that that was not what he meant but he stopped himself because he thought it was better that way. It didn’t really matter because they were just going back to what they were before anyway like complete strangers. He was used to it already, being always alone. So why was he crying right now? Why was his heart currently hurting thinking that he wouldn’t be able to see the guy smile at him again and that he would not be able to talk to him again? Of course, everything was not going to be the same again because he was not used to being alone anymore. He got used to being with Takaki even though they only started talking a few weeks ago. He couldn’t even remember how it felt like to be alone.

“I’m so stupid, aren’t I?” Daiki looked at the darkening sky while whispering to himself. But it was already over and he should just forget about the love that would never be requited.

It had been a month already since they last talked with each other. Daiki thought he would be able to get used on being by himself again but no matter how hard he tried, he still missed Takaki. He would always still find himself unconsciously looking at him. Even though he kept saying to himself to move on already, he just couldn’t.

And besides, they would be graduating in a few months. After that, they might never even see each other again. Hit by a sudden realization, Daiki almost wanted to cry. Knowing Takaki made his boring life brighter. He was always happy just seeing the guy. But without Takaki, his life would go back to being dull.

It was almost their school’s sports festival and students were excited about it but he just couldn’t find himself to be happy with them.

After school, Daiki went to his locker to get the things he needed and leave the things he didn’t need. While organizing his stuffs, he saw a piece of paper that was folded in half between his books. Curious, he took the paper and opened it.

Meet me at the gym after school

Even though there was no name on the paper, he already knew who it was from.

‘Why? Even though our friendship was supposed to have ended already’ He seriously thought Takaki wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

When Daiki arrived, he saw Takaki wearing his jersey because they just finished practicing for their school’s sports festival that would be happening in a few days. He thought he looked so cool and handsome in a jersey that he was falling in love all over again. He was suddenly washed with nostalgia. He was missing Takaki. He wanted to run up to him, hug him and never let him go. But of course, he would never do that. There was just no way he could do that. He shook his head for having such thoughts because he shouldn’t think like that anymore. Those were just fantasies that would never happen anyway.

“Do you need something?” He tried to sound uninterested by coming but he was actually really curious why Takaki wanted to talk to him after all these time.

Daiki waited for Takaki to speak up but after a few minutes, he was not saying anything.

“If there’s nothing then I’ll leave now” He started to leave but Takaki’s voice stopped him.

“I” Takaki started saying before continuing “I…I actually want to tell you something”

Daiki waited for it, while staring in the ground instead of looking at Takaki. Since if he looked at the guy in front of him now, he might not be able to contain his feelings and might suddenly blurt it all out.

“I like you”

Daiki looked up to see Takaki staring back at him seriously. Did he hear that right? Or was he just hallucinating? Maybe it was just an illusion that his mind created because he always wanted his crush to say those words to him?

“What?” Was the only thing he could reply.

“I like you. I’ve always do” Takaki repeated.

“I…Umm…I mean…I” Daiki didn’t know how to reply. He just didn’t think the guy would actually confessed to him. He was shocked and he couldn’t talk properly. It was as if all the words he knew just left his head.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me your answer now. Take your time. Then, I’ll be going” Takaki smiled lightly when he saw how Daiki looked so conflicted about his confession before turning to leave.

Daiki was still in a state of shock when he saw Takaki leave. He wanted to actually stop him from leaving and tell him that he also felt the same way as him but he couldn’t find his voice. He just couldn’t believe that the guy he liked so much, the guy who he always thought to be so unreachable just confessed to him.

He sighed. He didn’t know whether he should go to the gym or not. He knew that the basketball game was starting soon but he felt nervous when he thought how Takaki would be there and he still couldn’t believe the confession that happened the other day. In the end though, he still went.

When he arrived at the gym, the basketball game was almost starting. He looked for a spot to sit and he saw an open space on one of the bleachers. So he went there and sat down.

He saw Takaki as one of the players. He kind of regretted actually coming because just seeing him makes his heart pound fiercely in his chest and he could feel a blush creeping up his face. He touched his chest before sighing trying to calm himself when he looked up just to see Takaki staring back at him. For a moment, it felt like it was only the two of them at the gym. He couldn’t see anyone else but the guy. Suddenly, Takaki’s lips curved upward.

“OMG! Did you see that? I think he just smiled at me!”

“No Way! It was for me!”

The 2 girls behind Daiki suddenly started to argue that made him woke up from his trance. When Daiki became aware of his surroundings, he realized that the game already started and Takaki was already playing. Throughout the game, Daiki couldn’t help but feel engrossed watching his crush play. He thought the guy looked so cool playing basketball. Well, he always looked cool anyway.

But before the game ended, the ball was currently with Takaki and there was only a few seconds left. The score was also tied so he just needed to score another point and they would win. Their eyes met for a second before Takaki shoot it. Daiki held his breath when he saw how the ball bounced on the ring but let it all out when it went in. The buzzer sounded confirming that the game finally ended.

Instead of celebrating their winning, Takaki went straight to where Daiki was. He stood in front of him and for a few minutes, they were only staring at each other. He actually didn’t know what to say. Should he congratulate him for winning? But then he could feel his face getting warm when he remembered the confession. He looked down, breaking the eye contact between them. He gasped when he felt Takaki grabbed his hand and led him somewhere.

They were currently standing on the school’s rooftop and neither of them saying anything. Takaki was facing his back to Daiki while he was just looking at his back.

“We won the game” Takaki said breaking the silence between them.

“Yeah” He replied but was surprised when Takaki suddenly turned around looking at him directly.

“I know I said I would wait for your reply but I don’t think I could wait after all”

Takaki suddenly cupped Daiki’s cheeks and stared at his eyes tenderly.

“If you don’t like me then stop this but if you do, then I’ll take it as you like me” Takaki whispered. But before Daiki could ask what the other meant, Takaki immediately captured his lips.

But of course, Daiki wouldn’t stop Takaki because he also liked the guy. He didn’t care anymore if the two of them were from a different world or even if they were both guys or even what the others would think about them. Daiki wrapped his arms around Takaki’s neck making the kiss deeper. They kissed for a few moments before breaking the kiss. Takaki’s hands which was holding Daiki’s cheeks earlier was now holding his waist and they stayed in that position.

“That means you like me too right?” Takaki asked for a confirmation while looking at Daiki’s eyes.

Daiki smiled before nodding shyly.

“Yes, I like you too” He replied.

Takaki smiled brightly hearing Daiki’s reply and closed the gap between them before started reaching for the shorter guy’s lips again. But before he could, someone suddenly interrupted their sweet moment.

Daiki immediately pushed Takaki away because he was surprised when they heard the door opened. One of his basketball team members emerged from the door and told Takaki to come down to the gym because apparently his team members were looking for him.

“Seriously?! He really had to come in that timing?!” Takaki said when the guy who interrupted them left, he was so pissed off. And Daiki just laughed at him.

“And why did you pushed me away like that?” The tall guy pouted.

“Sorry, I just got surprised” Daiki was touching his warm cheeks. He knew he must have been blushing so much.

“Then kiss me so I’ll forgive you” Takaki said pointing at his lips.

Daiki glared at him before saying “Aren’t they looking for you? We should go back”

Daiki turned around to leave but before he could open the door, Takaki turned him around before giving a peck on his lips.

“Yeah, we should go back” Takaki looked at him innocently before leaving first.

Daiki got surprised that he was only standing there dumbly. It took him a few seconds before realizing that the taller guy already left him there.

“Hey! What was that for?!” Daiki ran to where Takaki went.

When he caught up, his boyfriend intertwined their fingers together even before Daiki could complain. Seeing their intertwined hands, he wanted to complain even more for holding his hand while they were in public. But seeing how Takaki looked so happy, he just let the guy held his hand. Well, it was not like he hated it anyway.

Daiki was waiting at the place where he was supposed to meet Takaki for their date. Yes, it was their very first date after finally confirming their feelings to each other. He nervously looked at his reflection from the building’s wall which was made of glass. He checked if he looked ok or if he looked presentable enough for their first date.

He was fixing his hair when he realized what he was doing. Why was he currently acting like a teenage girl trying to look good for his boyfriend? He sighed when he heard someone called his name. He turned around just to see Takaki waving while running to where he was.

“Sorry did you wait long?” Takaki said when he reached Daiki.

“No, I just arrived too” Yeah, Takaki actually arrived on time. It was actually Daiki who arrived an hour early before their agreed time to meet. He was too excited that he woke up too early and since he didn’t have anything else to do, he decided to just go to their meeting spot already. But there was just no way he would actually admit that.

“Then, let’s go”

They were currently in the movie theater watching a romance movie. Well, they actually only picked that one because it looked interesting.

Daiki looked at Takaki beside him who was munching his popcorn. He was actually a bit disappointed because his boyfriend was just acting like usual. But then it was only their first date so he shouldn’t complain. He actually wanted to at least hold the other’s hand but the guy was not even paying attention to him. When they went to the movie theater, Takaki was even walking ahead of him. Maybe he was actually getting ahead of himself and maybe they were actually not dating yet. Or maybe—

While Daiki was thinking about some of the worst case scenario about his relationship with Takaki, he felt something warm wrapped around his hand. He immediately looked at Takaki who was still looking at the screen while eating his popcorn. Then he looked at their intertwined hand and he could feel himself blushing. Good thing it was dark so no one would see how red his face was especially his boyfriend.

“So what were you thinking back there in the movie theater?”

“What? Why would you think I was thinking about something back there?” Daiki tried to act nonchalant not really wanting Takaki to know what it was.

“Because you were frowning” Takaki pushed Daiki’s forehead gently with his index finger.

Daiki pouted while rubbing the spot where his boyfriend’s index finger made contact with.

“I was not”

“Yeah, you did. You’re really easy to read you know. You must be thinking something like ‘I’m so disappointed Yuya didn’t even hold my hand’ right?” Takaki tried to mimic Daiki’s voice.

“No, of course not. And that’s not how I talk” Daiki glared at Takaki but he was also feeling embarrassed because his boyfriend could read him like an open book.

“Anyway, aren’t we going to order?” Daiki immediately added changing the topic.

“Yeah, I guess we should. I’m really hungry” They called for the waiter and made their order.

After a few minutes, their order arrived and they started eating their food.

Daiki really wanted to ask something to Takaki but he was too embarrassed to ask the question.

“Do you want to ask something?” Takaki suddenly asked which made Daiki startled. His boyfriend really knew what he was always thinking that he couldn’t even hide anything from him.

“How did you fall in love with me?”

“I mean I just don’t understand” Daiki immediately added while playing with his food because he was too flustered to look at Takaki.

“Why not? Why would you even think I would not like you?”

“Well, because we are too different from each other I guess”

“Love at first sight”



Takaki was walking towards his classroom when he saw someone who looked lost. The guy was short and he was wearing glasses.

‘Must be a new student’ Takaki thought to himself before approaching the new student.

“Hi, do you need any help?” He asked then the new student looked at him.

“Yeah, I’m actually a transfer student but I’m currently lost looking for my classroom” The student seemed embarrassed and looked down at his feet.

“Can I have a look at your schedule? Maybe I can help you” Takaki kindly offered and the student handed him his schedule.

“I know where this is, I can show you the way”

“Yes please, if that would be fine”

“Yeah, it will be my pleasure” Takaki smiled then showed the transfer student where his classroom was.

When they arrived, the short guy thanked him while bowing. But what caught him was the moment the transfer student looked up to him and smiled brightly. From then on, he would secretly watch the short guy every chance he got. Like when he walked in the hallway, he would purposely walked near where the guy’s classroom was just to get a glimpse of him even though his classroom was on the other side of the building.

He was so happy when in their junior year, they were put in the same class and he got to know the guy’s name was Daiki.

At first, he wouldn’t talk to him though and just watched him quietly at the back. But after the kiss that was accidentally shared between them, he tried his luck and decided to talk to Daiki.

*End of flashback*

Daiki could feel his cheeks getting warmer from hearing that story. He actually never thought Takaki would actually be in love with him for a long time already and he didn’t even notice. But—

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember” Daiki scratched the back of his head. He couldn’t help but feel guilty because he couldn’t remember it. Maybe because at that time he was too nervous being in a new environment since he was a transfer student.

“You don’t have to apologize, I didn’t expect you to remember anyway. Even though it was a bit disappointing” Takaki faking a disappointed look while holding his chest like it was painful for him.

Takaki suddenly laughed out loud seeing Daiki’s panic face. The short guy actually believed his boyfriend’s act and was ready to apologize again if not for Takaki’s laugh.

“What?” Daiki pouted when he realized he was just being teased.

“You’re really cute” Takaki pinched his cheeks and Daiki pushed the guy’s hands away from his face.

“By the way, you have something on your mouth” Takaki smiled gently at him while pointing at his face.

“Seriously?” Daiki immediately wipe his mouth with his hand.

“Let me help you” Takaki chuckled lightly then held Daiki’s hand that was wiping his face. Instead of wiping whatever on his face though, Takaki leaned closer from across the table and gently kissed his lips.

“What are you doing?” Daiki cupped his own face with his hands while looking down to hide his blushing face.

“I love you” Takaki whispered to Daiki. He could feel his heart racing just hearing those words coming out from his lover’s mouth.

“Yeah, me too” Daiki said softly while still looking down because he was still blushing and he didn’t want Takaki to see his face.

“What? Me too?” Takaki put his hand to his ears like he couldn’t hear what Daiki just said. Daiki knew Takaki was currently teasing him and he glared at him but later smiled.

“I love you too” Takaki smiled sweetly at him hearing his answer and Daiki returned it with a gentle smile.

~The end~
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