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Pairing: InooDai, slight TakaNoo
Genre: Failed Angst
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3400+
Summary: Daiki accidentally confessed his feelings to Kei and Kei accepted it. But he knew Kei still liked his ex-boyfriend. Could he make Kei fall in love with him or would he just stay as a rebound? Sorry, I'm not good with summary XD
Note: Since I kept writing fluffs, I thought I would try writing an angst. Well, I actually finished writing this since October but I was a bit hesitant to share it because I failed at writing angst XDD and also because I couldn't forgive myself for writing something like this since Inoodai should only be fluffy ;-; But I thought it's a waste not to share it since I already wrote it so yeah I posted it XD And I'm sorry if this is such a fail ;-; I don't think this fic would even make anyone cry lol. Also, I'm sorry for using Yuya as the ex-boyfriend here. He was the 1st one I thought of so I made him the ex-boyfriend XD
And as always, please excuse any grammar mistakes ><

“I like you. Please go out with me” Daiki confessed his feelings to the guy he liked for a long time. But to be honest, he was not confident that the guy currently in front of him would not reject him. His crush was after all out of his reach. And Kei was already a senior year and would be graduating in 5 months.

It was silent for a few minutes between them, waiting for a reply from the pretty guy in front of him. Kei was only staring at him and he was nervous but he couldn’t regret it now since he already confessed to him.

“Ok” After a few moments which felt like forever to Daiki, Kei finally answered. But it was actually not the reply he was expecting. He didn’t think Kei would actually say yes to his confession since they were so different from each other and Kei wouldn’t even take a second glance at him but right now, he agreed to be his boyfriend.

“Really?” Daiki couldn’t believe what he was hearing so he asked for a confirmation just to be sure.

“Yes, let’s date” Kei said with a blank face. He didn’t care whether Kei was serious or not. Hence, he didn’t even care if Kei was only using him because he wanted to forget. As long as he could be together with Kei then that would be enough for him and he would gladly be use by him.

When Daiki first saw Kei, it was in the opening ceremony. He just came fresh out of middle school and he was just starting high school while Kei was in his 2nd year. Kei was a president of the student council and was giving a speech. Normally, students would be totally bored listening to speech but not him. When he first saw him, he fell in love. And when he heard his voice, he fell in love more.

A lot of times, he wanted to talk to him even once but he never did, he couldn’t build up the courage to talk to him. Kei was a proper student, a really smart person. He was nice and friendly and was loved by teachers and by everyone. While he was a problematic student who always get into trouble by teachers and who barely pass his classes. In other words, he was stupid and because of that he thought, Kei would never like him.

There were times when Kei would scold him and his friends because they were making lot of noises in the hallway. But he didn’t mind, sometimes he would even do it purposely so Kei would talk to him because that was the only times, he would be near him.

But then, one day he heard that Kei was dating the vice president of the student council whose name was Takaki Yuya. It was not that he didn’t notice that Kei’s smile was different when he was with Takaki compared to others. But he decided to ignore that because he wanted to imagine that someday he could be together with Kei. He thought he would work hard and try his best so he could become a perfect match to Kei. But his hope was crashed by the news that Kei and Takaki was dating.

Takaki was a perfect match to Kei. Takaki was smart, athletic, handsome, cool, and talented. Compared to him, Takaki was much better. He was the type that anyone would fall in love to. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to beat Takaki, he decided to hide his feelings. Instead, he decided to watch over Kei from a far because as long as the pretty guy was happy, then he would be contented with that.

For almost 2 years, he hid his feelings until he heard the news that Kei and Takaki broke up. He came running to the rooftop knowing that his crush was there because he observed that Kei would always go there when he had a problem. He wanted to comfort him since after all, 2 years of relationship was a long time and Kei must be really heartbroken.

But when he arrived and Kei saw him, instead of comforting words, what came out from his mouth was a confession. The feelings he tried to hide for almost 2 years came rushing out.

But when Kei accepted his confession, he thought maybe what he did was the right thing because finally he could be together with Kei.

He knew that Kei was still not over his ex-boyfriend and that he was only a rebound. It hurt him of course that Kei couldn’t see him even if they were together now but he thought he had to be patient. It was only 3 months after they started going out after all and 2 years of a relationship was hard to beat. But he was confident that he could make his boyfriend happy. He was trying his best so Kei would fall in love with him and he could see his real smile again.

They didn’t go on many dates since Kei was busy because he would be graduating soon. But they did always eat lunch together at the rooftop. And they would always walk home together.

The first time they went on a date, Daiki asked Kei out on a date to a ramen restaurant. It was his favorite restaurant because their ramen there was delicious. He thought maybe Kei would like it too. And he thought it would make them get closer since they were basically only schoolmate and didn’t know anything about each other. And it was a good thing so they would be able to get to know each other more. But instead, it was only Daiki who talked for the whole time while Kei was only listening. In the end, he didn’t get to know anything about Kei because he was the only one who talked.

The 2nd time was in a movie theater. Daiki let Kei chose what they were going to watch which he regretted later because it was the most boring movie he had ever watched. Throughout the movie, he was fighting to stay awake because he didn’t want to disappoint Kei since he was the one who invited him anyway. But in the end, he still fell asleep and just woke up after the movie ended. He apologized over and over again on their way home but Kei just said it was ok, to not worry about it.

After going home, he was so disappointed in himself and he felt himself losing hope. He realized they were so different from each other that he thought maybe their relationship was not going to work out after all. But he didn’t want to give up so he still kept going.

Their 3rd date was at a museum. Kei wanted to go to a historical museum so Daiki invited him one weekend. It was boring to him since he really didn’t like history. After a while, Daiki saw how Kei was enjoying the date and felt happy himself. He was glad he invited Kei and didn’t give up on him because for the first time in a while, he saw the older guy’s real smile again.

Daiki was currently waiting at their meeting place. Excited because it was the first time Kei asked him out on a date. Kei actually didn’t tell him where they were going since he said he wanted it to be a surprise. After a few minutes, Kei arrived and they started walking towards the bus stop. He was so eager that he kept moving on his seat. Kei laughed and told him to calm down. Daiki smiled seeing his boyfriend laughing. He could see that Kei was happy these days. He was glad that he could make him laugh and smile like that.

When they arrived, Daiki couldn’t contain his eagerness seeing where they were currently.

“You want to go to an amusement park, right? So I thought I’ll bring you here” Kei shyly said and Daiki excitedly grabbed Kei’s hand to drag him to the ticket booth. But Kei suddenly pulled his hand away.

“I’m sorry” Daiki apologized and smiled bitterly. He forgot that Kei didn’t want to be touch. They’d been dating for a few months already, but they actually never even held hands because Kei didn’t like it.

“It’s fine. Let’s go” Kei smiled lightly and went to the ticket booth with Daiki following him behind.

“That was so much fun. You should have went with me” Daiki said excitedly. Kei just smiled.

“Don’t you like rollercoasters?” Daiki thought Kei was tired so the older guy didn’t want to ride any rollercoasters but now that he think about it, maybe it was because Kei was scared. He actually realized that most of the time, his boyfriend would just tag along with him but not really riding the rides that Daiki rode.

“Yeah, I don’t really like rollercoasters” Kei admitted.

“If you didn’t like amusement park, you should have said so. We didn’t really have to come here” Daiki said disappointed.

“But the earlier dates, you also didn’t like it, right?”

“That’s—I…Sorry” Daiki looked down feeling guilty that he was found out.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way”

“Then let’s go ride what you want and I’ll ride with you this time” Kei offered while smiling.

“You don’t have to force yourself”

“I’m not forcing myself. I offered because I want to do it”

Daiki thought Kei was so kind. He wanted to be satisfied with what he have now but sometimes, he wanted more. Kei wouldn’t let him touch him or even kiss him even though they were in a relationship now. He thought maybe Kei just wasn’t ready yet. But sometimes, he could feel that Kei would never love him the same way he loved him. He knew it even before they started going out. He thought he was prepared that even if one day Kei left him, it would be fine but now, he was getting scared. He wanted to possess him. He was getting scared to lose him. He realized that he already fell in love so deep that he didn’t know how to get out anymore.

Throughout the day, they went on different attractions except the rollercoasters since Kei hated them. He was glad that his boyfriend was at least having so much fun and was smiling throughout the day.

Daiki was scratching the back of his head from frustration. It was almost their finals and he was having a hard time studying for his subjects. He was determined to pass all his classes so he could impress Kei but he just couldn’t understand anything. But thinking that it was almost the finals, he suddenly felt sad. After the finals was the graduation and that meant Kei would be graduating soon. And maybe they would have to break up after that.

Because he didn’t want that, he thought of going to the same university as Kei so they would be together and they didn’t have to separate even though for 1 year they would not see each other that much. The only problem was Kei was going to a prestigious university and he would have to work so hard so he could pass the entrance exam to be in the same university as Kei.

He shook his head trying to concentrate on what he was studying when someone sat on a chair next to him. He looked beside him and saw Kei sitting beside him.

“Do you need help? If you want, I can help you” Kei asked when he saw how Daiki was struggling.

“Really? Is that ok? I don’t want to disturb you from studying since it would be your last year after all” Daiki didn’t really want to bother Kei.

“Yeah, it’s fine. It’s not a problem at all” His boyfriend smiled.

“If it’s ok with you, I’ll be really happy if you can teach me”

“Then, let’s go to my house after school” Kei offered

“Ok” Daiki smiled.

They were currently in Kei’s room sitting side by side. Daiki was getting too nervous since they were alone in his boyfriend’s room. He wanted to concentrate on what Kei was teaching him but all he could hear was his own heartbeat.

“Is there something wrong?” Kei asked worriedly.

“No, I’m fine” Daiki shook his head indicating that he was fine even though he clearly wasn’t.

“But your face is red”

“No, it’s just it’s hot”

“Really? I don’t think it is though”

“Maybe it’s just me” Daiki awkwardly laugh.

Daiki was startled when Kei suddenly brought his hand to Daiki’s forehead. It was the first time Kei touched him and Daiki felt some kind of electricity travelled through where the older guy was touching him.

‘This is bad’ Daiki thought to himself because it was getting hard for him to control himself seeing Kei so close to him.

‘I want to kiss him’ He looked at Kei’s lips before grabbing Kei’s hand that was touching his forehead. He could see Kei was startled by that but he couldn’t care less.

Daiki leaned forward to kiss his boyfriend’s lips but before their lips could touch, Kei suddenly looked away.

Daiki was hurt, no he was heartbroken. When Kei touched him earlier, it gave him hope that maybe, just maybe the pretty guy finally felt the same way as him. Because everytime they were together, Kei would always looked happy. He told himself before that he shouldn’t hope for more, that he should just be satisfied for what he have now. When did he become this greedy?

There was a tense atmosphere that followed. Daiki didn’t know what to do so he awkwardly laugh to break the silence.

“We should continue studying”

“Yeah, we should”

For the next 2 hours, Kei patiently taught Daiki all the lessons he couldn’t understand. Daiki was getting sleepy from studying a long time so Kei suggested to take a break which Daiki gladly agreed.

Kei went to the kitchen to get some snacks for them so Daiki was left alone into the room. He fought the urge to sleep because his eyes were going to close any time soon but he didn’t want to sleep. He thought it would be rude on Kei since he kindly offered to teach him. But after a few minutes, he just couldn’t stop himself from sleeping.

It was already evening when Daiki woke up. He groggily looked left and right trying to decipher where he was. He panicked when he realized that he was still in Kei’s room and panicked more when he saw what time it was. He touched his shoulder and saw that a blanket was covering him. He thought maybe Kei put it on him while he was sleeping. He felt really bad for sleeping.

“Are you awake?” He heard Kei’s voice and realized his boyfriend entered the room.

“Yeah. I’m sorry!” He bowed his head.

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it”

“But you were so kind to offer to teach me but I just slept”

“I can teach you again tomorrow anyway”

“You can?”


It didn’t stop until the next day though because for the whole week, Kei patiently tutored him until he got everything right.

Daiki was waiting outside of their school because he wanted to invite Kei to eat together as a thank you from him. His boyfriend did tell him to go home first though because he would do something after school and he might finish late. But it would be their finals on the next day so he would not have any opportunity to invite him out. And also after their finals, Kei would be busy too because he would be graduating.

While waiting, he caught a glimpse of Kei from the window. He was pretty sure he was in the science lab. He decided to go there instead of just waiting for him. After a few minutes, he arrived. But before he could open the door, he heard some voices. He knew that one of the voice belongs to Kei but he also knew whose voice the other one belongs too.

‘Why?’ He wanted to ask why Kei and Takaki were together and why didn’t the older guy tell him about it. But he didn’t want to just barge in there and demand for an explanation. He thought he didn’t have the right since in the end, he was just a rebound.

“Why are you still dating him? Don’t tell me you’re actually getting serious about him?” Takaki asked Kei.

“There’s no way, right? He’s not even your type and you still like me” He desperately continued.

“How can you be so confident I still like you anyway?”

“Because you were only using him to forget about me, right?”

“Kei, let’s start over again” Takaki softly added.

“You were the one who broke up with me and now, you’re telling me you want to get back together?” Now that he thought about it, he never knew the reason why they broke up. Kei never talked about it. He knew though that Takaki was the one who ended their relationship because Kei always looked hurt when they just started going out.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can do that” The pretty guy continued.

“Why? Is it because of him? Don’t tell me you actually like that guy”

Daiki was happy to hear Kei rejecting going back together with his ex, it was giving him hope that it was because he finally liked him too. But what he heard next crashed his heart into pieces.

“No…I don’t like him…”

Daiki accidentally dropped his book hearing that and he hurriedly pick it up but before he could ran away, Kei already opened the door. Daiki wanted to deny that he heard something, like he was just passing by. But he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t just act like he heard nothing. He knew Kei would never like him, he knew so he thought he was prepared but he didn’t think that hearing it directly from his boyfriend’s mouth would hurt so much like his heart was being ripped apart.
“Daiki” His boyfriend called his name softly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt” He was trying his best not to cry in front of the older guy so he looked down. He didn’t want to make him feel guilty, he didn’t want his boyfriend to pity him.

He ran away leaving Kei and Takaki behind. He thought before he ran away, he saw Kei looked sad? hurt? heartbroken? But then there was no way he would be so he settled into thinking that Kei was just guilty about it for giving him hopes that was never there in the first place. Because if the older guy liked him even for a little bit, he would have stop him for leaving and he would explain it to him more clearly but Kei never went after him.

It was never Kei’s fault, it was him so he had no place to blame the older guy. He was the one who offered to be use thinking that there would be a happy ending in the end. He thought before that as long as he worked hard, he could make Kei fall in love with him. That he would wait no matter how long it would take. But he realized now, that since the first time, he never had any chance. He could never make Kei open his heart to him. He was stupid enough to actually think that he could change the way the pretty guy looked at him.

After arriving home, Daiki went straight to his room and cried his hearts out until no tears were left. And for the whole night, all he did was cry.

After what happened, they ignored each other like they never knew each other. It was like they went back to how they were before, just strangers. Daiki could barely see Kei and he would avoid all the places that he was sure where the older guy would be. He didn’t have the face to see him. He didn’t want to force Kei to like him, if the older guy couldn’t like him. So he decided to avoid him instead because that was the only thing he could think of. They never talked after their finals and even after the graduation day. And Daiki never saw Kei again after he graduated from their school.

~The end~

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20/12/15 03:02 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juju905rote.livejournal.com
This is sad T_T but it's a good fic because it can break my heart.
Like I told you earlier, I want a sequel!

Daichan never saw Kei again? ;_;
I wish Daiki didn't just run away at the end. And I wish Kei tried to chase him to at least explain what he meant ;_;
I want to know what happened to Kei, did he get back with Takaki or stay alone? Did he love Daichan at all or not? Why did Yuya break up with Kei?

I hope all of them get their happy ending, please ;_;

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21/12/15 01:20 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I'll try my best to write that sequel :3

Yes, he never saw him again (at least until years later *spoiler? XD*) ;-; I'm sorry for ending it like that ><
I'll try to answer all those questions clearly on the sequel (I hope it will not be a fail XD).

I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I don't give them a happy ending lol ;A;

Thanks for reading :D

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29/2/16 03:13 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] so-gracefull.livejournal.com
Hi, I know this comment is so late since you posted the fic last December, but I'm quite a new fan and I saw your Inoodai fics. I'm dropping a comment because the ending is sad and I want more.. I hope you can write a sequel for them, and probably have the closure that they can have (even if it will happen several years after) :)

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29/2/16 05:31 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I'm sorry for separating them at the end lol ;-; I actually ended it that way because I planned to write a sequel (InooDai needs a happy ending XD). Well I finished writing the sequel already, but for some reason I got lazy so until now it's still in the editing process XD But don't worry, I will definitely post that sequel :D I hope it's good enough though ><

Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment :D

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1/12/16 08:25 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yamiakane93.livejournal.com
I love this sequel. its so real too.
and i like how i can relate to the story
it definitely made me tear ^^
good writing i'd love to read more!!
and haha cuz im also a inoodai fan i love how the story turns out!

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12/12/16 18:57 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I'm sorry for the late reply ;-;
I'm glad that you like this story :D I hope it was not too dramatic and cheesy though lol. I really felt embarrass to share this story at first because it was my first time writing an angst and I thought it was going to be too cheesy and dramatic XD or maybe I just really have low self esteem haha. But it made me happy to hear that you could relate to it^^
Thank you so much for reading! :D

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14/12/16 17:24 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] yamiakane93.livejournal.com
you're welcome! haha! iie iie i really enjoyed it alot!! continue writing good fanfics i look fwd to reading more!! <3