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Happy birthday to the most adorable member of Hey! Say! JUMP <3 (Well at least for me he is XD)

I hope it's still not too late to post this XD I actually kind of rushed making this because I really want to post this while it's still April 15 in Japan (even though it's still April 14 here in the US XD).
Tbh, I've been feeling really lazy these days so it did take me awhile to finish this ;-;
But I really wanted to make a fanvid for Daiki's birthday so yeah I'm glad I finished making this haha. I had fun though because he's just too adorable XD

And while making this, I kept asking myself 'How is he 25?'. I mean just look at his face, does he look like he's 25? He looks more like a teenager XD And in 5 years, he'll be 30, you know? lol. Don't tell me he'll still looks like this when he turns 30? XDD But that's fine, please stay cute forever, Daiki~ XD

I actually also wanted to post an InooDai fic for his bday but I don't know, should I post it? I actually finished writing it, it still needs editing though XD But I'm too lazy to even edit it hahaha.

This is my 2nd time making a bday fanvid of Daiki :D And I hope I'll be able to make one for him next year too!

Anyway here's the fanvid. Enjoy~

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15/4/16 10:28 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] raining-spell.livejournal.com
Happy Birthday Daiki! My favorite JUMP member! Keep staying awesome and adorable as you are.

Your video is really cute and funny. A lot of Daiki's playfulness and dorkiness is highlighted. Of course, the InoAri part is definitely a bonus! I really like it! ^__^

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16/4/16 16:00 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
Thanks :) I tried my best to include all his cute moments :D Well he's always cute anyway XD
Of course, I just really had to include the InooDai part, that was the most important part XDD

Thanks for watching btw~ :3


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