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Happy birthday to my niban and to the prettiest member of Hey Say JUMP~ <3 Am I late too late already to greet him a happy birthday? XD Well it's still June 22 here in the US so it should be fine hahaha. I made a bday fanvid for Inoo's birthday because I just had to make one XD So I'm sharing it here~

Tbh, I was actually trying to decide whether to write a fanfic (an InooDai fanfic XD) or make a fanvid for his bday. I really wanted to do both but unfortunately due to my work (as I work full time), I could only do one of them and as you can see, I decided to make a fanvid >< XD Tbh, writing a fanfic takes a lot of time (at least for me because I edit a lot of times lol since most of the time, I'm not satisfied with the result XD).
But I was actually only able to start making my fanvid on monday (I gathered the clips I was going to use last Saturday and Sunday). And on that day (monday), I had a huge headache ;-; It was hard work lol. I had to force myself to make the fanvid even though my head was killing me >< because I really wanted to finish making it on time ;-; Well, I was able to finish and upload it yesterday so I'm glad hahaha. But because this was really rushed, it didn't come out too good lol. Well, my fanvids are not good anyway since my editing skills suck XDD And tbh I actually always rushed when making my fanvids because I procrastinate a lot hahaha.
Anyway, here's my fanvid :D if anyone wants to watch it XD

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