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Pairing: InooDai
Genre: Slight(?) Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6200+
Summary: Sequel to Rebound

Kei was standing in front of an apartment with a key on his hand. He looked at the key contemplating whether to go in or not. Well, the tenant did instruct him, not directly though, to go inside his apartment when Kei arrived since he would be late. But still, he thought was it normal to just give your apartment key to a stranger whom you’d never met before?

Actually a few day ago, Kei was looking for a job so Hikaru, who was his friend in university, recommended him to tutor this friend of his. He was delighted to hear that he finally found someone to tutor since it was hard to find someone who would be willing to pay him for tutoring. And Hikaru just gave him the key this morning telling him that the person he would be tutoring would be late.

His life was doing great at the moment. He was currently going to a prestigious university and was currently taking architecture. He’d also been studying there for 2 years already. But even though he was doing great in school, he desperately needed some money. He was currently renting a room near his university because his house was far and it was cheaper than living in a dorm. But since his savings were almost gone, he wouldn’t be able to pay for the rent and he might get kick out from there.

Kei sighed before inserting the key to the door. He went in after opening the door and decided to sit in the sofa to wait for the tenant to come home. But after 15 minutes, he suddenly felt bored so he decided to look around the apartment.

He went to look around the apartment just to waste some time but when he was standing in front of the bedroom, he suddenly felt curious. He knew it would be totally rude to just go inside but he wanted to know if he would be able to find some clue of whoever he would be teaching. Yeah, he was stupid enough to not ask the name of the person he would be tutoring. It just for some reason, he forgot about it and when he realized that he didn’t even know the name of his ‘student’, he was already standing in front of the said person’s apartment.

Oh well, he wouldn’t really be worried about that since he trusted Hikaru enough not to recommend him a bad person to teach and his friend wouldn’t make him go to this person’s apartment alone if it was not safe.
He opened the door of the bedroom and took a peek inside. It was clean with not much furniture inside except the bed, a cabinet, and a set of desk and a chair. He looked around before his eyes landed on a picture frame. Curious, he went closer to take a look at the picture. When he got closer enough to see who was in the photo, he suddenly stopped.

“Why?” He whispered to himself before picking up the picture frame, staring closely. It was a family picture with 3 people in it but what caught his attention was the guy in the middle. He ran his fingers over the picture frame, not believing what he was seeing. Because the person in the picture was the guy he still couldn’t forget. The guy he still couldn’t move on from.

“Daiki” He muttered softly.

He knew it. He should have asked Hikaru the name of the person he would be tutoring. He was kind of regretting it now. After putting down the picture frame, he immediately went to the living room, getting ready to grab his bag and run away from that place. But before he could, the sound of the door opening and closing made him freeze.

“Oh you’re here” Was the first thing Daiki told him after seeing him.

“Ah yes” He answered awkwardly. He looked down on the ground not daring to look at the guy in front of him.

“Wait, I’ll just change my clothes then we can start”


He stared at the back of the guy who was on his way to the bedroom until the door closed.

He sighed. So in the end, he still met him. Well, it was not like he didn’t want to see him. To be honest, he always wanted to see him again. There were times he would even find himself going back to their hometown just so maybe he could meet him again. But he didn’t have enough courage to actually face him so in the end, he would chicken out. He just didn’t know how he should act if ever he met the younger guy again. And apparently until now, he still couldn’t face Daiki.

He took out the books they needed for the tutoring out of his bag and put it on the table while waiting for Daiki to finish changing. After a few minutes, Daiki emerged from his bedroom and they decided to start.

Kei suddenly felt nostalgic teaching Daiki right now. He remembered when he also used to tutor the younger guy back in high school. But now was different. When Daiki looked at him earlier, he didn’t have the same gentleness he used to have when looking at him before. He didn’t even smile at him like how he used to smile back then. It was as if they were back to being strangers again. Of course they would be, after what he had done to Daiki, there was no way they could remain the same. There was no way Daiki wouldn’t hate him.

“Did you know I would be the one tutoring you?” he asked because when he saw him earlier, the younger guy didn’t really look surprised.

“Yeah, I knew. Didn’t you ask Hikaru for the name of the person you would be tutoring?”

“No” He kind of felt embarrassed saying that.

“Why? Do you want to leave knowing it’s me?”

“No, that’s not…what I mean”

After that, no one said anything and the atmosphere became so tense. Kei was looking at Daiki who was currently trying to finish a question he told him to do. He looked down and played with his fingers. He was feeling nervous at the moment and the tense atmosphere was not helping either. He just didn’t think he would be this close to Daiki again after all these years. To be honest, he thought he would never even see the guy again.

“Do you hate being in the same room as me that much?”


“Because you look so tense right now like you couldn’t stand the thought of me being in the same room with you”

“O—of course not! That’s not…it”

“Don’t worry. What happened between us was already in the past so let’s just forget about it”

Kei felt like he would burst out crying at any moment because he never thought he would hear those words from Daiki. But it’d been 2 years since they broke up and of course, there was no way Daiki wouldn’t have move on already. It was just him who still couldn’t move on from the past.

“Yeah, you’re right” He bit his lips before forcing a smile. It was fine this way, there was no meaning in still holding on to the past. Since Daiki already moved on, he should also just move on or at least act like he already did. He didn’t want to trouble the younger guy if ever he found out about his feelings for him all these time so he thought he would just hide it to himself.


Kei stared at his book and kept reading the same sentence over and over again but nothing went inside his head. He sighed and tried once more. Still, he couldn't concentrate and couldn't understand anything. He pushed his book aside giving up on studying as he laid his head on his desk.

He closed his eyes, recalling all his memories with Daiki back in high school.

Actually, Kei’s first impression of Daiki was loud, stupid, and carefree. The younger guy was the type of person who he wouldn’t want to get close to because they were just too different. He did think Daiki was cute though and he liked his smile. So he was surprised when Daiki confessed to him one day. He didn’t think that the younger guy actually liked him.

At that time when Daiki confessed to him, he had only broken up with Takaki for a few weeks and he was still heartbroken. He was desperately looking for a distraction to distract him from thinking about his ex-boyfriend. So when Daiki asked him out, he thought Daiki would be a good distraction to make him forget. He thought he was the perfect target. He didn’t think about what the guy in front of him would feel nor care if he would hurt him. He just wanted to be save from his heartbreak.

On their earlier dates after they started dating, he just went along with Daiki when the guy asked him out. He thought if it would make him forget Takaki fast, then he would do it. Though he would purposely ignore him and would look uninterested whenever Daiki would talk about something.

But after a couple of dates, he realized Daiki was doing his best to make him happy even if it meant the younger guy wouldn’t even enjoy the date. He thought Daiki was really kind for doing all these for him. He even realized that the guy was working hard to make him fall for him. He felt touch but also guilty that he was using him to forget because he knew Daiki didn’t deserve what Kei was currently doing to him.

After a while, Kei started feeling something different. For some reason, he was always looking forward to seeing the younger guy. He would catch himself always looking at the latter. He didn’t know when it all started that all he could think about was Daiki. Sometimes he would realize that he was thinking about his boyfriend even when he was studying. He always thought that he would never think about any other guy except Takaki. He didn’t think he would like any other guy except his ex but because of Daiki, he realized he might be able to fall in love again. If it was Daiki, he would be willing to open his heart again.

But he was scared, that in the end, Daiki would leave him like Takaki did. So Kei tried to distance himself from him because he was afraid Daiki would get tired of him, like how his ex got tired of him, if he became too close. He remembered the reason Takaki broke up with him was because he became too clingy that it was suffocating. He thought if he became like that again, Daiki would also feel suffocated. So in the end, he couldn’t touch him because he felt that if he touched the younger guy, he would lose him. But what he realized too late was that Daiki and Takaki were not the same person. Just because of what happened between him and Takaki, didn’t mean it would also happen to him and Daiki.

He always regretted letting him go. He thought if he let him go, Daiki would be happier. But he realized it only hurt the both of them in the end. He was the one who ruined their relationship by setting some distance between them. Hence, he didn’t even give Daiki a chance to actually prove himself worthy of his love. Just because he was afraid of being hurt again, of being rejected. Even though he knew that Daiki love him, that fact he knew more than anyone else. And when he finally realized he really wanted to be with Daiki, it was already too late.

He also always wanted to apologize to Daiki for so many things. He wanted to apologize for using him, for hurting him. He hoped he could just go back to when Daiki confessed to him and that time, he would definitely date him seriously without any intention to hurt the younger guy.


After school, Kei got ready to go to Daiki’s apartment. He’d been tutoring Daiki for weeks already and that day was also the last day. For some reason, he felt sad that it would end already because that meant he didn’t have any reason to see him again and after that, they might not even see each other again.

He arrived in front of Daiki’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Daiki opened it and told him to go inside before starting their lesson.

Kei was in the middle of teaching Daiki when the younger guy said something that made him freeze.

“Did you ever like me even just a little when we were still dating?”

“What?” The question caught him off guard that the only word that came out from his mouth was that. He couldn’t answer. Even though he already knew the answer for his question but for some reason, he couldn’t speak. Because he had a lot of things he wanted to talk about but he didn’t know where to start.

“I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable. Please forget that I asked”

He decided to hide his feelings for the younger guy because he thought it was for the best. But he thought if he didn’t say his feelings now, he would never be able to say it. He didn’t care anymore even if he got rejected. Because he just wanted Daiki to know his feelings for him.

“Actually, I—“ He started getting ready to tell him his feelings but got interrupted when Daiki’s phone suddenly rang.

However, Daiki didn’t show any intention of picking up his phone and only stared at him as if waiting for him to continue. But Kei told him to pick up the phone so after a few moments of hesitating, Daiki did.

“That was from my friend. He wants to hang out with me today”

“Oh really? I should get going then” Kei stood up and took his things with him. But before he could leave, Daiki grabbed his hand.

He looked at Daiki who was staring at him seriously.

“What is it?”

“Weren’t you saying something earlier?”

“No, I was just about to tell you about the time” Kei pointed at the clock hanging on the wall.

“The time? Oh~” He looked at where Kei was pointing at and nodded when he realized what he meant. Their ‘class time’ was already over.

“Thanks for patiently teaching me this past few weeks” Daiki said with a small smile.

“Good luck with your exams”


“Then, I’ll be leaving” Kei said as he walked passed him. He thought he was ready to confess but when an interruption came, he got scared again. Scared that he would be the only one who get hurt in the end. And with that, he became a coward who ran away from his feelings again. The feelings that Daiki might never hear and know.


That night, Kei was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling. Like these past few days, he’d been thinking of so many things especially his memories with Daiki. Those memories kept replaying and replaying keeping him awake these past few nights. But there was this one particular memory that still lingered strongly in his mind, because it was that one memory when his relationship with Daiki ended.



Kei needed to finish his science project so he told Daiki to go home first. When he arrived, he didn’t expect to see Takaki there. At first, he hesitated for a bit thinking if it was fine to be in the same room as him alone. He kind of felt guilty because he felt like he was cheating on Daiki even though he didn’t even do anything wrong.

“What? You don’t like being in the same room as me now, is that it?” Takaki joked yet serious at the same time when he saw Kei becoming uncomfortable seeing him there.

“N—no” Kei whispered but loud enough for Takaki to hear before doing what he needed to do there.

“Hey” Takaki broke the silence between them after a while.


“Are you still dating that guy?”

“Huh?” Kei stared at Takaki for a few moments. He could somehow feel what the other was about to do.

“Yeah, we’re still together” Kei continued trying to remain calm and got back to what he was doing.

For a few minutes, no one said anything but he could feel Takaki gradually coming closer to him.

“Why are you still dating him? Don’t tell me you’re actually getting serious about him?” Takaki suddenly asked Kei breaking the silence between them.

“There’s no way, right? He’s not even your type and you still like me” He desperately added.

“How can you be so confident I still like you anyway?” Kei asked back.

“Because you were only using him to forget about me, right?” Takaki held Kei’s arms before turning him around to face him.

“Kei, let’s start over again” Takaki whispered before lifting Kei’s chin up and leaning forward.

But before Takaki could kiss him, Kei suddenly talked.

“You were the one who broke up with me and now, you’re telling me you want to get back together? I’m sorry I don’t think I can do that” Kei said before pushing Takaki away.

“Why? Don’t tell me you actually like that guy” Kei kind of felt sorry when he saw hurt in the other’s eyes
Even though Kei loved him so much before, when Takaki ended their relationship, he was determined to forget all about him. Because in his logic, he thought when something already ended, it shouldn’t be brought back since it was already in the past. He didn’t cry nor tried too hard to forget about him just so he could get back to him. And he couldn’t go back to him anymore anyway because his feelings already changed.

“No…I don’t like him…” He answered but before he could continue, he heard a loud crashed outside. He immediately went to the door and opened it.

“Daiki” He was surprised to see the younger guy there.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt” When he looked at Daiki’s teary eyes, he wanted to reach out to him, to assure him that what he heard was just a misunderstanding. But he stopped himself. He hurt the guy a lot of times already. He wondered if he really deserved to be with Daiki or not. He avoided to be touched by Daiki, to be too close to him because he was afraid the younger guy would leave him, that he would disappear. But in the end, he knew he was the one who was pushing the guy away from him and the one who was making Daiki leave him.

When Daiki ran away, he just watched the back of the guy that was getting farther away from him. Instead of going after him, he decided right there, that he would let go of Daiki so the younger guy would find someone better who would never hurt him like the way he did.

“Aren’t you going after him?” He heard Takaki asked.

“No, it’s better this way” He looked down, dejected. It hurt him of course because even though he finally realized his feelings for the younger guy, they couldn’t be together in the end.

“Why? Didn’t you like him?”

Kei looked at Takaki before smiling sadly.

“No…I don’t like him…because I love him” He continued the sentence he couldn’t finish before. He went to where his belongings were and put all his stuffs inside his bag quietly before leaving. But he stopped for a second and looked to where Daiki ran. It took all his strength to decide to go the opposite way and not ran to where the younger guy was.

*End of flashback*


Daiki went inside the club and looked around. He saw some people he knew and some people he didn’t know. He was currently invited to his friend’s birthday party and that friend rented this place to celebrate.

“Daiki! Here! Here!” He looked to where he heard his name being called. He saw Hikaru waving his hand enthusiastically and saw Kei sitting beside Hikaru. They stared at each other for a few seconds before breaking the eye contact between them by looking elsewhere.

At first, when Daiki found out from Hikaru that Kei would be the one to tutor him, he wanted to reject it. But he remembered the time when Kei was the only one who patiently tutored him. He even managed to understand what the older guy was teaching him. So in the end, he decided to let Kei tutor him for the sake of his grades. Yeah, not because he actually wanted to meet him again or anything like that.

But to be honest, he was happy to see Kei again since he thought they would never meet again after the tutoring.
During these past few weeks, he realized that he was still wishing that Kei would return his unrequited love for him and that annoyed him to no end. Because even though he thought he already moved on from him, he knew deep inside his heart, he never did. And because he knew Kei would never return those feelings.

He tried to act nonchalantly then let out a smile before making his way towards them.

“You just got here?” Hikaru asked.

“Yeah” He replied and sat across from them.

It was getting awkward since he didn’t know what to say but good thing, Hikaru was there to break the tense atmosphere. Their friend didn’t even realize the awkward atmosphere between Kei and Daiki.

“So, how was the tutoring? Daiki is so stupid right? I’m surprised you survived teaching him” Hikaru laughed loudly while teasing Daiki.

“What? I’m not stupid, I’m just slow at learning things” Daiki pouted.

“Yeah, it was fine. I didn’t really have a hard time teaching him” Kei answered.

“Wow, I’m surprised. I remember everyone who tried teaching you before gave up because you just couldn’t understand anything”

“Stop that! I told you I’m not stupid!” The younger guy puffed out his cheeks, glaring at Hikaru.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry. I was just joking” Their friend wiped away the tears that formed on his eyes from laughing too much.

“Ahh it’s Takaki!” Hikaru waved at Takaki and asked him to sit where they were.

Daiki was surprised to see him there. He didn’t know Takaki was also studying in their university. He glanced up a little at Kei. Or maybe there was still something going on between them? He shook his head a little trying to get rid of those thoughts.

“Hello, sorry I’m late. Did we miss anything?” Takaki went to where they were along with another guy beside him, who Daiki didn’t know and it looked like Kei and Hikaru didn’t know too since they looked at the guy curiously.

Takaki looked shocked when he saw him before smiling.

“Oh I didn’t know you go to our university too, Arioka”

“Ah yes”

“What? You two knew each other?” Hikaru suddenly butted in.

“Yes, we went to the same high school” Takaki answered.

“No way. Really?”

“Didn’t Kei told you?”

“Wait, you two also knew each other?” Hikaru pointed to Kei and Daiki’s direction.

“Ah well, sorry I guess I forgot to tell you” Kei laughed awkwardly.

“What? How could you forget? Seriously” Hikaru crossed his arms and pouted at them but got distracted when one of his friends started talking to him.

But even though he tried not to think negatively, he couldn’t help but to wonder if Kei and Takaki actually got back together after that incident. Maybe that was why they went to the same university? He couldn’t help but feel jealous of Takaki that he was able to be with Kei even until now.

His thoughts were interrupted when Takaki suddenly talked.

“Ah I want to introduce someone by the way” Takaki held the person’s hand who was with him while smiling.

“He’s Yamada Ryosuke, my boyfriend”

Ryosuke also smiled before introducing himself again while they also started introducing themselves to him.

“That’s great. Way to go Yuya! Maybe we should celebrate it too” Hikaru playfully slapped Takaki on his back while commenting loudly.

Takaki scratched the back of his head smiling shyly feeling embarrassed about the comment.

“Shut up Hikaru. You’re embarrassing them. Congrats to you two” Kei scolded Hikaru for being too loud but he was grinning widely at the couple in front of him which successfully made the two flustered.

Daiki felt Takaki looking at him and he gave him a confused look.

“It’s ok, there’s nothing to worry about” Takaki grinned at him.

“What? What are you talking about?” Did his thoughts show on his face just now? Was he that obvious? He suddenly felt himself blushing. He felt kind of embarrassed being read openly like that.


In a few hours that passed by, Daiki found himself being dragged here and there by some of his friends and he just let them be. It would be awkward sitting on the same table as Kei anyway. So he tried to enjoy himself without thinking of the older guy.

“Stop drinking Kei! You’re drunk already” He saw Hikaru trying to stop Kei from drinking anymore.

“What? I am not drunk”

“Why are you even drinking? You don’t even drink!” Hikaru said as he took the bottle away from Kei. Kei glared at him and pouted.

“I am not drunk” He repeated as he placed his head on top of the table as he closed his eyes while mumbling incoherently.

“Ah seriously” Hikaru let out a sigh. He tried shaking Kei when he realized he was already sleeping soundly. He looked around and spotted Daiki looking at them and he motioned for him to go to where they were.

“What is it?”

“Sorry Daiki but can you send him home for me?”

“What? But—“

“I really need to go somewhere right now and if I don’t leave now, I’ll be late for my appointment.”

“But I—“

“Thanks Daiki. I owe you one”

“Wai…t“ Daiki sighed looking at Hikaru’s retreating back.

“But I don’t even know where he’s currently living” He whispered to himself while looking at Kei’s sleeping face.


Good thing his apartment was near that club so he just piggybacked Kei all the way to his apartment. It was not like Kei was heavy anyway so it was not a hard task. He opened his door and went straight to his bedroom before putting Kei down on his bed.

He sat down on his bed and stared at Kei’s sleeping face. His hand automatically moved to Kei’s face. He hesitated for a second whether he should continue what he was about to do or not. But he reached out anyway, brushing away the older guy’s fringes. His hand lingered on Kei’s face for a moment and he realized that he missed him so much. He would be willing to do anything if he could just make Kei stay with him forever. Or would that be too much to ask for?

When he realized what he was doing, he immediately pulled away and got up to leave, but he felt a hand grabbed his hand. He immediately looked back at Kei, who was already sitting up, then the older guy suddenly pulled him towards him which made him sit on the bed.

“Please…don’t leave” Kei stared straight into his eyes gently. He saw hurt in Kei’s eyes and he didn’t know how to react. He was not even sure if Kei knew he was talking to him or maybe he was imagining someone else.

“I love you…” Kei whispered softly. It was so soft that it made him doubt if what he heard was right or not.



Daiki stared at him unblinking trying to process what he just heard. Was he dreaming? Or was Kei only saying that because he was drunk? To be honest, he hoped it was real. That what Kei was telling him was the truth. That those 3 simple words were really for him. He waited for a long time to hear that from him. He, after all, always wished that one day Kei would feel the same way as him.

Even though it had been 2 years since then, there were no days when he would not wish that he would see Kei again and get back together again. To be honest, he always regretted running away that time.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt something soft against his lips. He then realized Kei was kissing him.

When Kei encircled his hand around his neck, Daiki put his arms around Kei and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

What was happening at the moment felt like a dream come true for him. And if this was all a dream, he wished he would never wake up from it.


Kei cursed himself when in the morning, he woke up with a huge headache. He touched his head and sighed. He opened his eyes then looked at the ceiling which didn’t look like his bedroom ceiling. And with that, he immediately sat up when he realized he was not in his bedroom, which he later regretted because it made his headache worse. He knew he shouldn’t have drank too much alcohol when he couldn’t even drink. There were many things going on in his mind these past few days that he just wanted to forget all of it even just for a night. He looked down before touching his clothes realizing he was not wearing his own clothes.

“Wait where—Why am I here?” He gasped when he realized where he was. Kei tried to recall what happened last night but gave up when he couldn’t remember anything. Then he happened to look at the bedside table and saw medicine and a glass of water there. He knew it must had been for him so he immediately put the tablet inside his mouth and drank the water.

He heard some sound outside so he carefully climbed down from the bed and went outside the bedroom. He saw Daiki cooking some food in the kitchen. The younger guy must have heard him coming out from the bedroom because he turned around the moment he stepped out of the room.

“Ah you’re awake? Why don’t you sit down first. This will be done very soon” Daiki motioned Kei to sit down before continuing what he was doing.

“Sorry for the trouble” Kei took a seat and watched Daiki until he finished cooking.

After a while, Daiki put the food on the table and they started eating. No one said anything and Kei kept glancing at the younger guy from across the table.

“What is it? Do you want to ask something?” Daiki suddenly asked that made Kei chocked on his food because he got surprised from it.

Daiki handed him a glass of water while apologizing and Kei gladly took it.

“Umm…did I cause too much trouble last night?” Kei asked timidly.

“You don’t remember?”

And with that, Kei eyes widened.

“What? Did I do something weird?” Kei began to panic.

“No, not really” Daiki laughed lightly seeing Kei panic.



“Oh that’s good then” Kei scratched the back of his head, smiling awkwardly.

After eating, Kei got ready to leave after changing his clothes and Daiki walked him to the door.

“Then, I’m going. Thank you for last night and also for the breakfast” Kei said his thanks but before he could open the door, he turned around to face Daiki.

“What is it?”

“Are you really sure I didn’t do or say anything weird last night?”

Daiki got quiet for a few minutes and Kei began to feel nervous. What if he really did do something last night? And looking at Daiki’s troubled face, he knew he did.

“I did, didn’t I?” Kei asked slowly. He hoped he didn’t do anything embarrassing because he wouldn’t be able to face Daiki anymore if he did. But then, would they even meet each other again? It was making him sad just thinking about it.

“’I love you’”


“Huh?” Kei looked at Daiki dumbfounded.

“That was what you told me last night”

Kei could only stare at him without blinking and no words were coming out from his mouth. Yeah, drinking too much alcohol was a mistake. He should have known this would happen especially since he was with Daiki yesterday.

“I…that…” Kei looked down hiding his flustered face.

“Did you…mean it?” He looked up and stared at Daiki’s eyes. The younger guy was staring directly into his eyes. He could see sadness in those eyes and he realized he must had really hurt this guy a lot. But yeah, he should say it now. He should stop running away from his feelings. As long as he could confess to him, that should be enough.

“Yeah, I do love you” And with those words, he saw a tear fell from the younger’s eyes. It hurt him seeing Daiki crying like that because of him and it made him guiltier as he already was. He wanted to reach out to him and hug him but he knew he shouldn’t.

“Why now? Why didn’t you tell me before? Why didn’t you go after me that day? Why did you let me think you never loved me? Why?!”

“Because I thought I didn’t deserve you. You didn’t deserve someone like me who only kept hurting you”

“Even so I was still hurt, aren’t I? And in the first place, shouldn’t it be my decision whether to stay with you or not?”

“I know I was selfish. I’m sorry”

When for a few minutes no one said anything, Kei thought Daiki didn’t forgive him after all. Kei turned around to leave but was halted when he felt hands encircling him. He realized Daiki was hugging him from behind and he could feel the younger guy’s forehead was against his back.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear that?”


“I love you too” Kei felt his tears that he’d been holding since earlier fell down from his eyes after hearing those words.

Daiki slowly turned him around.

“I love you” The younger guy repeated before he reached up to wipe Kei’s tears away.

“Would it be too late to ask for a second chance?” Daiki asked as he cupped Kei’s face while staring at him gently.

Kei shook his head as his answer.

“That should be me asking you that”


Kei nodded.

“Then, let’s start all over again and let’s create better memories this time around, ok?”


They both smiled sweetly at each other before leaning closer, their lips touching gently.

“Actually there was something else” Daiki suddenly said after they broke the kiss.


“Last night, you did something else actually”

“What? What did I do? I knew it! I did something weird”



“You kiss me. Ahh~ I didn’t think you could be that daring” Daiki grinned widely which made Kei looked down trying to hide his blushing face.

“Well that’s…because I was drunk that’s why!” Kei pouted.

Daiki laughed before putting his hands around Kei’s waist pulling him closer.

“But we didn’t do anything else…right?”

“What do you mean?” Daiki stared at him innocently and Kei glared at him because he knew the guy was teasing him.

“You know…Since I was wearing your clothes and all…” He answered shyly not looking at Daiki since he felt embarrass.

“I mean…like after the kiss, did we…You know what I mean already! Stop trying to make me say it!”

“Hmm, I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about if you don’t clarify it. Why? You wanted something else to happen?” Daiki said smirking.

“What?! No, wha…what are you talking about? Of course not” Kei looked away hiding his flustered face.

“Don’t worry, you fell asleep after the kiss so nothing happened like what you’re imagining right now” The younger guy lightly pushed Kei’s forehead with his index finger.

“Huh? Who said I was imagining something like that!” Kei tried to get away from Daiki’s hold but the latter was not letting him go.

“Why? What do you think I think you’re imagining right now?"

Kei didn’t answer and just pouted.

“Ok, I was just teasing you” Daiki laughed as he let go of him then patted his head.

“yeah, you must be having fun teasing me” Kei puffed out his cheeks and glared at Daiki.

Daiki leaned closer until Kei could feel the other’s breath.

“Well, we could do what you’re currently imagining tonight if you want” The younger guy whispered.

“I still have a class later so I need to get ready” He nonchalantly added while smirking before making his way to his bedroom.

Kei just stood there, frozen and bit his lips as he could feel himself blushing more. He knew his face must have been red as a tomato at the moment.

“I told you it’s not like that!” He whined.

“And besides, isn’t that going too fast?” He softly added to himself as he followed after Daiki.

~The End~

OMG I'm sorry (to those who waited (if they're still waiting XD)) that I'm only posting this now >< I also can't believe I'm only posting this now since it's been almost a year since I posted 'Rebound'. I thought I would be able to share this earlier tbh. I actually finished writing this since February but I guess I was just really lazy to edit it XD And tbh, I'm not very satisfied with how this turned out so I was also reluctant to share this. I don't know, I feel like it's kind of awkward (the way I wrote this XD) and it's too cheesy? haha.

By writing this though, I realize I'm bad at writing sequels XD I also should really stay away from writing angst because I'm just so bad at it XD Well, I'm always bad at writing stories anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter :P
There are actually some other InooDai fanfics that I finished writing but didn't post yet. Well, I'll probably share it another time XD
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