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Pairing(s): InooDai, Slight YamaChii
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3300+
Summary: Daiki has a crush on his little brother's first crush

“Daiki nii-chan, wake up!” A 6 year old kid was in his brother’s room trying to wake him up. When he saw his brother didn’t even move an inch, he shook his brother’s shoulder instead.

“Wake up. I’m going to be late” The little boy whined.

“Just 5 more minutes, Ryosuke” The guy on the bed, who was hugging his pillow, mumbled.

“No! You keep saying that since a while ago”

Daiki just rolled to the side of the bed away from his little brother.

Ryosuke pouted before climbing on the bed and sat on his brother’s tummy.

“Get off! I can’t breathe” The older brother successfully woke up which made the little boy grinned and got off his brother.

“Stupid kid” Daiki whispered annoyed by his brother.

“Mom said you’ll walk me to school today, didn’t she? Be more responsible” Ryosuke said coolly before leaving the room.

“What’s with that kid trying to act mature” Daiki clicked his tongue before getting ready to walk his brother to school.

After he finished getting ready, he went to fix some quick breakfast for them. While they were eating, Ryosuke couldn’t stop talking about this teacher of his, who his brother call as Inoo-sensei, and the little boy apparently admired his teacher so much that his younger brother even said that one day he wanted to marry his teacher. Daiki just kept nodding his head pretending to be listening.

He took his little brother’s bag after eating then left the house together. Even at that moment, Ryosuke still kept blabbering about this Inoo-sensei. Daiki just yawned not really listening. It was just his brother kept talking about that teacher of his for a few weeks now. To be honest, at first he was curious to see who was this teacher that his brother was so fascinated about but then he kept saying the same thing over and over again that it was getting boring and annoying.

He never met any teacher from his brother’s school yet because it was always their mother who would drop the little boy off. But because their mother needed to go to her work early that day and Daiki also didn’t have any school that day, he had to take care of his little brother instead.

When they arrived in front of the school entrance, Daiki gave the bag to his little brother. But before he could leave, someone arrived at the entrance to greet them.

“Good morning, Ryosuke” The young guy who arrived smiled sweetly at them.

“Good morning, Inoo-sensei” Ryosuke shyly greeted back before running to hug his teacher.

Daiki was shocked. He actually didn’t think the teacher his brother was talking about was a guy. He thought his teacher was a girl since he kept saying he wanted to marry him. His brother and even his mom kept saying the teacher was really pretty, he actually didn’t imagine him to be this pretty though. And that was also one of the reason why he thought the teacher was a girl. Daiki touched his chest feeling his heart racing even though it was his first time seeing the guy. He had some experienced in dating before so he knew what he was feeling at that very moment. He was apparently also having a crush on this very same teacher his brother had a crush on.

“Is there something wrong?” The young teacher asked, concern in his voice.

“Wha—? Ohh sorry I was just spacing out” Daiki smiled awkwardly when he realized he had been staring at the pretty teacher for a few moments now.

“Ryosuke!” A loud high pitched voice suddenly called out. Daiki turned around to see a small boy running towards them while waving happily.

The boy immediately hug his brother tightly while his brother tried to push him away.

“I miss you, Ryosuke”

“We just saw each other yesterday though” Ryosuke whined because he couldn’t pry the boy off of him.

“Yuri, good morning” Inoo-sensei greeted the small boy.

“Good morning, Inoo-sensei” Yuri greeted cutely while still hugging his younger brother who was on the verge of crying while Daiki just looked at the scene amusedly.

“Ok, that’s enough. Let’s go inside, school is starting” Inoo-sensei urged the 2 kids to go inside their classroom leaving him with Daiki.

“I guess I’ll be leaving then” Daiki said as soon as he saw his brother went inside the classroom. He was a bit hesitant though because he wanted to get to know the young teacher more.

“Yeah, have a nice day” The pretty teacher smiled before walking back but before he could, Daiki immediately grabbed his hand. He looked at him, confused.

“I’m sorry, I just…I…Ca…can you tell me your…name?” Daiki stuttered while asking for the guy’s name in front of him.

“I mean I just want to know since you’re my brother’s teacher and all” Daiki immediately made an excuse.

“It’s ok. It’s Kei, Inoo Kei” Kei chuckled lightly before answering.

“Then, is it alright if I call you Kei?” He shyly asked. Yeah, he knew it would be totally rude to call someone’s first name when they just met but it shouldn’t hurt to ask, right?

“That’s fine. You can call me Kei” Kei just smiled gently.

“Then, you can call me Daiki…I mean if you want to” Daiki eagerly replied before trying to look cool about it.

“I’ll call you Daiki then. Ah! they’re probably looking for me already, I’ll go inside now. Take care on your way home” The pretty teacher waved at him before going inside.

On his way home, he kept smiling and didn’t care if people thought he was crazy because he was just really happy. It really had been a long time since he liked someone this much after all.


Throughout the day, Daiki kept spacing out and would suddenly grinned that it almost scared his mother off when he saw Daiki in their living room grinning to himself. His mother actually asked him if he was ok and he would just nod while still smiling. So in the end, she just let him be.

On dinner, Ryosuke started talking about Inoo-sensei again. At first, he was just the one talking enthusiastically about his teacher but then, Daiki suddenly joined in. So their dinner was full of talk about Inoo-sensei. But at the end of their dinner, Ryosuke was looking at him intensely, no, more like glaring at him.

“What?” But Ryosuke still didn’t talk and just pouting at him.

“What is it?” Daiki repeated.

“You can’t”

“Huh?” Daiki was confused. What was his little brother even talking about?

“You can’t snatch Inoo-sensei away from me!”

“Huh?! Wha—what are you even talking about?!”

“You like him, don’t you? You can’t” Ryosuke’s eyes were getting teary.

“O—of course not. Stop saying nonsense” Where did this kid even learn these kind of things anyway. He shouldn’t even know what liking someone or even marrying someone means. Daiki thought to himself.

“Then, you’ll not take him away from me?” Ryosuke looked at him with puppy eyes.



“Ye…yeah promise” He said as they did a pinky promised before Ryosuke grinned and hug his brother.
To be honest, he was not really confident he wouldn’t break his promise. But oh well, Ryosuke wouldn’t even remember after some time anyway, right?


Daiki felt a hand cover his eyes. His hands automatically went up and touched the person’s hands.

“Guess who am I” A playful voice said and Daiki could only laugh.

“Kei!” Kei removed his hands and Daiki turned around to see Kei smiling at him sweetly.

“Sorry, did you wait long?”

“No, I just got here too”

“Really? That’s great then”

Daiki intertwined their hands together before walking. This was actually their 1st date after they started going out. He confessed to Kei and apparently, the pretty teacher liked him back.

That day, they decided to watch a movie then went to an arcade center and played a lot. They tried doing the UFO catcher and he won a huge cat plushie. He then gave it to his boyfriend who loved cats in which the latter happily accepted.

When it was already noon, they decided to go to a park to eat. They saw a spot and went to sit there.

“I made a bento for us” Kei took out a bento from his bag and shyly opened it.

“Woah, that looks good” Daiki could feel his mouth started to water just looking at what Kei made.

Kei just smiled at the comment then told him that they should start eating. Daiki nodded happily and started eating.

Looking at Kei in front of him, Daiki couldn’t be more happy to have this pretty teacher as his lover.

His boyfriend looked back at him before smiling. Daiki smiled back but felt his breath got caught at the back of his throat when Kei suddenly brushed the side of his mouth with his thumb.

“You have a rice at the side of your mouth” Kei laughed lightly. Before the teacher could pull away, Daiki grabbed his hand. Kei just stared at him as he started shortening the distance between them. Seeing as Kei was not pulling away, he kept going until his lips were only a few centimeters away from his boyfriend’s.

Before their lips could touch though, Kei suddenly pushed his head away from him. He got confused why because Kei didn’t seem opposed to it earlier.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing you blockhead?! Let me go?!”

Daiki could only stare at his boyfriend who suddenly became angry. But wait, that voice didn’t belong to Kei because he knew very well who was the owner of that voice.

“Wake up already!” He heard a loud shout which made his eyes suddenly opened.

“Wait what?” Daiki looked around his surrounding and at the guy who he’d been apparently straddling. His face was close to his friend’s and his friend was practically trying to push his head away. His friend stopped pushing away his forehead when he saw Daiki already woke up.

“Thank god” His friend, Hikaru, let out a sigh of relief like his life had just been saved from being doomed.

“What happened?” Daiki asked because he was still confused on what was happening around him having just woken up.

“What happened?! I just wanted to wake you up when you suddenly tried to kiss me!”

“Ah!” Daiki exclaimed when he realized everything was just a dream. He felt disappointed and at the same time, he seriously wanted to kill Hikaru for waking him up.

“Why did you wake me up?! It was even getting to the good part” He glared at his friend feeling annoyed.

“Huh?! Of course I would. If I didn’t then you would have kissed me. And I’m sorry dude but I’m not into guys” Hikaru said as he rubbed his arms up and down like the mere thought of them kissing was giving him goosebumps.

“Wait, ‘good part’? Don’t tell me you’re having wet dreams right now” Hikaru laughed outloud and Daiki whacked him in the head.

“Of course not! It’s just—“ He stopped talking when he saw Hikaru eagerly waiting for him to continue.

“It’s nothing” He immediately added.

“What? Seriously? There’s no way it’s nothing. Wait who is it again? Kei was it? Who’s that?”

“Wha—How did you know?” Daiki became flustered knowing that Hikaru knew about his angel.

“You’re practically calling that name in your sleep. Of course I would know” Hikaru then put his arms around Daiki’s shoulder.

“So who is it?” Hikaru asked with a knowing smile and Daiki felt himself blushed.

“It’s nothing”

“Yeah right! You were going to kiss him in your dream and it was nothing? And seriously, you’ve been daydreaming this past few days about something. You would suddenly smile out of nowhere. To be honest, you look like a lovesick fool already and it was getting creepy” His friend rolled his eyes like he didn’t believe him.

Daiki sighed and decided to tell Hikaru about his encounter with the pretty teacher in his brother’s school.

“Oh a nursery teacher”


“That’s good, right? Why don’t you confess then?”

“There’s no way I can and that was the only interaction we had. I don’t think he’s even interested in me”

“Duh! In these cases, you should ask him out to get to know him better. And there’s just no way anyone would be fool enough to actually fall in love with you at first sight anyway” Hikaru said it so casually that it made him pout.

“So you need to make the first move so your angel would notice you. You know, you wouldn’t know if you don’t try” At the mention of ‘angel’, he blushed.

“Ok” Daiki agreed hesitantly but he was determined to make Kei fall for him.


He knew he shouldn’t have listened to Hikaru. Here he was in his brother’s school looking like an idiot or more likely a stalker. He was currently crouching down and hiding behind the bushes looking like a suspicious person because he saw Kei earlier in one of the classroom. So he was currently watching him and waiting for a chance to talk to him.

To be honest though, if someone saw him there, people might think he was a pervert or something and he would be in the police station in no time.

He never thought he could actually do something like this because of a person he liked and a guy nonetheless.
He was trying to think of various scenarios about how he would approach Kei when a voice interrupted his thoughts.


Daiki turned around shocked and immediately stood up.

“Ah this is…I mean I—” he desperately tried to think of an excuse but he couldn’t come up with anything.

“Are you here to see your brother?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m here to see Ryosuke” Daiki immediately answered while laughing awkwardly.

“It’s currently nap time so they’re sleeping”

“Ah really well—“ Daiki stopped midway not really knowing what to say.

For a few minutes, they just stood there awkwardly looking at each other before the young teacher broke the silence.

“Do you want to have some tea?” Kei asked shyly and Daiki thought he was so cute at that moment.

“Is it ok?” He asked carefully.

“Yes, of course. Since you came all the way here to see your brother after all, I would feel bad if you just leave not even seeing your brother.” Kei smiled gently.

“Then, I’ll take you up on that offer”

Daiki was seated across from Kei and sipping the tea that the teacher made.

For a few moments, Daiki was silent. He didn’t know how to start a conversation with Kei. He was usually loud and he often get scolded by his professors because of that. So why now, when he wanted to make a good impression on Kei, he couldn’t think of anything to say?

He tried to calm himself down by drinking the tea.



“Ah sorry, you can go ahead first”

“I think it’s almost time that I should head back to the classroom”

“Really? Then I guess I should leave first. Sorry to take your time” Daiki felt ashamed for making the pretty teacher spend time with him when he was busy but also disappointed that him going there didn’t go as planned. He couldn’t even talk!

“But didn’t you want to see your brother?”

“No, it’s ok I actually also need to go somewhere anyway”

“Ah really? Take care on your way then”

“Yeah, then I’ll be going” Daiki turned around to leave but Kei grabbed his hand. The pretty guy immediately let go while Daiki stared at him in surprised.

“Sorry” Kei apologized sheepishly.

“Umm…I just want to say that there’s going to be a sports day in 2 weeks. If you want you can go, I mean since your brother will be playing too. Just if you want to”

“Ok, I’ll go” Daiki smiled brightly knowing that he would be able to see his angel again even though 2 weeks seemed like a long wait.

Kei smiled gently at him in return.

“Then see you in 2 weeks”


They just stared at each other and it seemed like neither one of them was going to break their little eye contact anytime soon.

“AHEM! I think the kids are going to wake up SOON, Inoo-sensei” One of the elder teacher let out a cough and tried emphasizing the word ‘soon’ to the both of them.

“You can flirt all you want but please do it later after school hours” The elder teacher said with a teasing smile.

Him and Kei immediately looked away from each other feeling embarrassed being caught by other people.

“I’ll be going then” Daiki bowed sheepishly and reluctantly left after that.


Daiki arrived at his brother’s school and saw his mother already there ready to cheer for her son. But instead of going to her, Daiki tried looking around and spotted his target. Kei was in the other side of the field helping the kids get ready.

They were going to do a relay race first and apparently his brother was participating and also the boy named Yuri. The little boy was again not letting go of his brother and the teachers were trying hard to separate the two. While the audience who saw that cooed at their cuteness.

After a while, they successfully separated them and Kei stood at the side. He immediately went to where he was and stood beside him.

Kei looked at him after sensing someone beside him and smiled gently.

“You’re here”


The race already started so their focus was on that but for Daiki he could only look at the guy beside him.

“Is there something on my face?” The young teacher suddenly asked then looked back at him and Daiki could only shake his head

“I just—want to ask… Do you have anything to do this weekend?” Daiki looked at Kei hopeful.

“Nothing really. Why?”

“Umm do you want to catch a movie this coming Saturday?” Daiki managed to say it all in one breath.

“Are you asking me—“ Kei stared at Daiki as if to ask if what he meant was what he thought it meant.

“On a date, yes” Daiki continued as he tried to look elsewhere but Kei.


“Because I want to get to know you better” He said seriously.

Kei couldn’t help but laugh maybe from seeing Daiki so serious which Daiki thought his laugh was beautiful by the way.

“Fine. Let’s go on a date this Saturday. Don’t be late, ok?” Kei answered playfully.

“Yes!” Daiki couldn’t hide the delight on his face when he heard that.

But their little moment was interrupted when they heard noises from the audience. Curious, they took a look at what was happening and saw that Yuri fell down. His brother, who was already ahead of him, stopped running and turned around.

Ryosuke ran back immediately and crouched down to see where his crying friend was hurt.

He turned around and showed his back to Yuri telling him to get on his back. Yuri who was crying a moment ago, happily encircled his arms around Ryosuke’s neck while his brother piggybacked him on the way to the finish line. People were cooing at how cute the both of them were and cheered after they saw Ryosuke’s little act.

“I guess my rival is not my rival anymore” Daiki whispered.

“What? Did you say something?” Kei asked when he heard Daiki mumbling.

“Nothing” He shook his head while smiling lightly. He then reached out his hand, lightly touching Kei’s fingers. He knew it was a bold act, even so he wanted to try his luck anyway. Seeing as Kei seemed not to mind at all, he went ahead and intertwined their fingers together. He went closer until their arms touched, hiding their intertwined fingers behind their backs away from any watchful eyes as they watched the kids playing at the field.

~The End~

Yay! finally posted this fanfic \(^_^)/ Tbh, I was actually supposed to share this on Daiki's birthday so this had been sitting on my hard drive for a couple of months already XD
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