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Hello! I'm here to share my copy of JUMP's new Single :D I actually just received my copy yesterday so I'm so late in sharing this XD Please tell me if there is anything wrong with the links or the videos / MP3s as I was rushing when I ripped them last night since it was getting really late and I needed to sleep early XD

Anyway, I really like Precious Girl especially the 'rila rila' part, I can't get it out of my head lol. But tbh, I actually didn't like Precious girl when I first heard it. After I watched their live performance though, I realized it was actually pretty catchy so now I can't stop listening to it hahaha.

Btw, I'll lock this entry when JUMP release a new single since I keep forgetting to lock my download entry XD

1. Precious Girl
2. Are You There?
3. Shakunetsu no Yume
4. Smile in Summer
5. Sweet Liar
6. Start Days
7. Precious Girl (Original Karaoke)
8. Are You There? (Original Karaoke)
9. Shakunetsu no Yume (Original Karaoke)
10. Smile in Summer (Original Karaoke)
11. Sweet Liar (Original Karaoke)
12. Start Days (Original Karaoke)

MP3 Download (zip file): Mega
Decryption key: !r6ZtXADpTZCDTssf0lyzJ3Ij8N76RK-RDK20SyQ-jZs

Precious Girl PV: Mega
Decryption key: !tOMaxurIBKo1N0PfXux4gJuTfLRMbmRu_5fVnqPgwE0
Precious Girl PV Making: Mega
Decryption key: !7aMrBI6-ubyj6icTCcURMQIbpWVtnSqOb-SIHc9Z62U
Precious Girl PV + Making: Mega
Decryption key: !Uqu38MHVTl5IFp_kuwKAVRuU-Zsjl2_hRlP-8OJCNBM

Are you There? PV: Mega
Decryption key: !-NjaidTOk3PCIrEf2tHmi4Vwd7pGxMfk2ycWSAhrZEY
Are You there? PV Making: Mega
Decryption key: !1Kmd1xTK1yDCnCMSt2lrXOpm6rjtjDIKrY1qiSXbNR8
Are You There? PV + Making (1.23GB): Mega
Decryption key: !XkXpKCfm0gyXyg8S5MxthAqqPP1jvTs5bVjHAC-L-Vs


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