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So yeah, JUMP will release a new album next month and I preordered the bundle as soon as CDJ listed it on their website :3 I actually didn't think that they will release an album this soon though since they just released a single last month. Well, it's not like I'm complaining though since I'm really happy that they're really active this year. I had a feeling that they will release one this year but I thought it will be either on July or august.

The new album is pricey though >< I never spent that much money for an album after all XD Well, I don't regret it even though my bank account is crying haha. I was actually supposed to use that money for JUMP's concert goods this year but yeah, they decided to release a new album this year so I just had to preorder it XD I might not have that much money left for the tour goods (I don't think I can even buy the HSJ clearfiles (The one with Arashi and the one without) for Waku Waku Gakkou goods D:) ;A; Oh well, that's fine since I'm not really fond of clearfiles anyway XD I hope I can still buy some concert goods even if it's only Daiki's photoset though lol >< But yeah, I rather buy their album than concert goods anyway :3

Nothing, I just don't know what to post here in livejournal~ (I prefer to call this site as 'livejournal' than 'lj' because I feel like I'm mentioning myself XDD)

Oh yeah, when I first saw the name 'JUMPing CAR' I thought the new album was a joke and at that time, only 1 person tweeted an info about it so i didn't know whether to believe it or not XD But then, a lot of people suddenly started tweeting about it so I realized it was true after all haha. Oh well, looking at the tracklist, I think this album will be epic :D I mean just look at the title of some of the songs lol just kidding XD Of course, their new album will be great as always :D Anyway, can't wait for their new album :3


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