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Okay I don't really know where to start XD Then lets start with this:

Name: Lorelly
Nickname: LJ
Age: I'm the same age as HS7 & a few weeks older than Chinen :)
Country: United States
Nationality: Filipino
Language: Tagalog and English :)
Hobbies: I like watching Japanese drama, Korean drama (right now, just occasionally), Japanese variety show (especially if HSJ is in there & Arashi's shows & ItteQ), Korean variety shows (actually right now, I'm only watching Running man & Infinity Challenge XD). I do read manga (well shoujo manga XD) and watch anime (especially shoujo anime :P but just occasionally when I find something interesting XD). My favorite manga are Lovely Complex & Library Wars <3
Favorite group/singer: JYJ, Hey! Say! JUMP, & Ohara Sakurako :D
Bias: Arioka Daiki :3
OTP: InooDai <3
Accounts: Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal

I became a fan of JYJ when they were still in DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki or whatever you want to call them XD It was January 2008 when that happens (Am a being dramatic or what? XD). I was really amazed by their voices when I watched their live performance. Their voices were incredible. Actually until now, I still think that they were the best singing group that I've ever heard <3 Well, 2009 happened and a lot of things happened and it was a mess. At that time, I was still a OT5 and a lot of rumors, scandal, betrayal, etc. happened and in the end, it became harder to actually follow all of them (and wait for them to be together again) because it was just too complicated. Then it was probably early 2011 that I decided to just follow JYJ (I still love the other two though because I know they're also working hard but I just can't support that company, I'm sorry T_T). I don't have a bias in JYJ because I love all of them :D I admire them a lot and look up to them :)

Now let’s move on to Hey Say JUMP XD It all started last year (yes, 2013 XD). I watched Ya-Ya-Yah (because of NEWS :D) and there, I got to know Ya-ya-yah (obviously XD). I actually like Shoon out of all of them :P But I also like Yabu because he’s so cute when he smiles :D In that show, some JUMP members appeared (like Inoo which was where I got to know him XD). I challenged myself and decided to memorized all of their names XD And I also decided to watched some of their shows. But at that time, I mostly watched shows where Yabu and Hikaru appeared :P I was just interested in JUMP before. Then I became curious about Yamada’s acting so I decided to watched Risou no Musuko. And of course, I was not disappointed. Because of his acting, I became a fan of him and eventually became a fan of Hey Say JUMP <3

But I actually never thought that I would become a fan though. I’m very picky when it comes to liking a group. I like a group that can harmonize well with each other when they sing and HSJ doesn’t really harmonize that much when they sing. And I also don’t like it when the members are the same age, almost the same age or younger than me. All the group’s members that I liked before were all older than me by at least 5 years. But for some reason, I fell in love with them <3 And I don’t regret being a fan :D I’m actually glad that I became one :D

Thank you for reading this boring introduction :P And I'm so sorry for any grammar mistakes XD
Feel free to add me if you want (^_^)
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