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So finally I finished my bday fanvid for Yamada on time for his birthday :3
I'm really happy I could make one for him since I couldn't make one for him last year (since I was busy with school ;A;) >< I promised myself that I would definitely make one for him this year so yes, I finally made one haha :D

I had a hard time looking for clips though >< I thought I wouldn't have a problem with that since Yamada have a lot of appearances in JUMP's pv making or something but still, I had a hard time looking for some XD Maybe it was because of the song I picked? or maybe it was just my own fault? oh well whatever as long as I finished it XDDD

Anyway, happy birthday Yamachan <3 Actually, he was my ichiban in JUMP but Daiki stole that place XDD But it's ok, I still love you Yamachan :3 You're the reason I became a fan of JUMP in the first place after all :D And I'm also turning 22 this year ;A; I'm getting old XD

Anyway, here's the fanvid :D I'm sorry if it's not good D:

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8/5/15 18:21 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juju905rote.livejournal.com
Thank you Lorelly! Don't worry, it's very cute & full of Yama-chan's cute, dorky expressions :) And I like the background song too.
Happy birthday Yama-chan! Wow he's turning 22 already ;u; he's all grown up.

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8/5/15 19:12 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
Uwaa I'm glad you like it :3
I also like the song^^ I always have a hard time picking song or looking for songs to use for my fanvid but when I first heard this song, I thought I wanted to use it when I make a fanvid next time haha :D
I know right? I remember he was just 20 when I just became a fan of JUMP XD How time flies~ haha


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