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Title: Unrequited Love
Pairing: HikaDai
Genre: failed fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3000+
Summary: Hikaru and Daiki are childhood friends but Hikaru has special feelings for Daiki. Is he just a friend to Daiki or is he more than that? <-- lol sorry, I’m really bad at writing summaries XD
Note: I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes. And it’s actually my first time writing a fanfic so I’m sorry if this is too crappy >< I actually kind of feel embarrass to share this XD But I decided to just share it since HikaDai needs more love <3 haha.
I’m really bad at describing things so I’m sorry if some of the scenes sound awkward lol and my English vocabularies are limited too ;A;

“I like you”

Hikaru thought he would never hear those certain words from a certain person. In front of him stood his childhood friend Daiki confessing to him. Their parents had been friends since college and were always together since then. And because of that, he and Daiki grew up together. He always had a crush on Daiki since they were kids. Well, he was not exactly sure when it started though. It was just that one day, he would always feel his heart beats faster whenever he saw Daiki and that smile of his.
He was shocked of course since he never thought that his childhood friend would feel the same way as him and that his cute friend would confessed to him before he did. He was happy, well more than happy, in fact he felt like he was floating in cloud nine. He had always hid his feelings because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. For him, it was enough as long as he was beside Daiki.

Hikaru went closer to Daiki and caressed his (cute) chubby cheeks.

“I like you too” He replied before coming closer ready to kiss Daiki.

“Well, I appreciate your feelings but I don’t date students and pay attention to class while I’m teaching!”

Hikaru woke up startled when he heard a loud bang near his ears. When he suddenly realized who was in front of him, and that he was also caressing his teacher’s cheeks, he immediately let go and apologized. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Daiki trying to contain his laugh.

“See me after school and don’t even think of escaping” Their teacher pointed the chalk she was holding to Hikaru before going back in front to teach. He could only nod in response to that. Daiki was still trying not to laugh and Hikaru glared at him. But when he was reminded of his dream a while ago, he suddenly felt embarrass and blushed. Well, the guy besides him was just confessing to him in his dreams, of course he would feel embarrassed and they were about to kiss you know. He was silently cursing their teacher for ruining the moment (even if it was just a dream).


“So what was that about? Were you watching anime the whole night or something that you fell asleep in class? And what was with that caressing? I didn’t know you like our teacher” Daiki asked laughing loudly.

“Can you stop that? It was already embarrassing and you keep reminding me about that” Hikaru pouted.

“And I was scolded pretty badly too” He added. He felt frustrated because their teacher scolded him for a whole hour.

“Ok ok I’m sorry” Daiki said while wiping the tears in his eyes (from laughing too much).

“Ah, by the way, do you want to go to that new bakery that just opened last week? I want to buy their new strawberry cake. They said it’s really delicious” Daiki added while showing a bright smile. Hikaru was not really the type who likes sweets but there was no way he could resist Daiki (especially when he was showing that cute smile of his).

“That’s fine. I’m not really doing anything today anyway”

The bakery was actually only 2 blocks away from their school so it didn’t take them a long time to arrive. When they went inside, he saw how Daiki’s eyes sparkled and was smiling from ear to ear. He looked so cute that Hikaru had to stop the urge to hug Daiki right then and there.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Daiki looked at him weirdly.

Hikaru was awaken from his daydreaming when he heard Daiki’s voice. Oh no, did his feelings just showed in his face?

“Huh? Oh ah nothing. I was just thinking what to buy” He replied trying to act cool.

“But you don’t like sweets stuff” Daiki looked at him closely and intently that he had to look away (just in case he might do something that he would regret).

“But we’re here so of course I have to buy something. There’s no way I would just watch you eat after all” Even though I don’t mind doing that Hikaru quickly added in his thoughts.

“Well, let’s order then” Daiki went to the register and ordered what he wanted to order. Hikaru sighed. He hated how Daiki can be so carefree and naïve at the same time that sometimes he gets frustrated that the said guy couldn’t sense his feelings at all but on the other hand, he was also thankful for that at times like this. He liked that Daiki was too simple that he wouldn’t pry on something for too long and gets distracted easily.

After ordering, they decided to sit near the window and silently ate their food. Hikaru looked at Daiki who was eating like there was no tomorrow. Well, he loved eating. Daiki was a messy eater so it was not a surprised when he saw icing at the corner of Daiki’s mouth. By natural reaction, he moved closer and reached out to wipe Daiki’s mouth with his thumb. He suddenly froze when he realized what he was doing. He saw how close their faces were to each other that he was sure if he just moved closer, their lips would be touching already. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Hikaru moved back to his seat and let out a coughed.

“Umm well, you have icing in the corner of your mouth so I wiped it out”

“Ahh really? Thanks” Daiki looked down and tried to wiped his mouth just in case there were more left.

After eating, they decided to go home. While walking, no one was saying anything and it was making Hikaru crazy. He mentally slapped and cursed himself for doing something stupid like that. That was why he didn’t want to confess because he didn’t want their relationship to become awkward.


“Ah yes”

“Do you want to go to the festival together next week?”

“Ahh right, there is a festival next week isn’t it? I completely forgot about that” Hikaru laughed trying to ease the awkwardness between them. He was relieved when he saw Daiki laughed, awkwardness completely forgotten.
Without realizing, they were already in front of their houses. Well, they were neighbors that was why they always go home together.

They waved goodbye before going inside their respective houses.


Hikaru sighed. Even though he was able to hide his feelings for so long and being satisfied for only being a friend, he felt like he was becoming greedy these day. He wanted their relationship to be more than just friends. Just that Daiki was getting cuter and prettier and seriously, he was having a hard time not to kiss those plump lips of his.

He looked at the other side of the room where Daiki was smiling happily and laughing, talking to some of their classmates about the game he was currently addicted to. And that smile, one of the things he liked about the guy. Just seeing that smile always put him in a good mood and it always made his heart race faster. But also because of that, he realized how much he already fell deeper for that same person and how that unrequited love of his would never be returned.

“What’s with the long face?”

Hikaru was startled when he heard the voice of the very reason he was feeling miserable these days.

“No nothing, I was just thinking about something” He continued what he was doing before which was dusting the window.

“Really? But you keep on sighing since a while ago. Are you sure you’re ok? You can always talk to me if you have any problem” It’s you Hikaru wanted to say but of course refrained from doing so.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m just tired” He smiled showing Daiki that he was fine.

“Ok if you say so” Daiki stopped prying and went back to the other side of the room where he was just a moment ago. As he was leaving, Hikaru’s eyes were following Daiki’s back.

He sighed again before continuing where he left off.


Hikaru went to go to the rooftop and decided to sleep. He was tired because a certain someone was always in his mind and kept him awake the whole night. It felt peaceful and quiet that he fell asleep before he even notice.

“I like you” Daiki said with that sweet smile in his face.

Hikaru reached out to Daiki and hugged him.

“I like you too” Hikaru then stared at Daiki’s eyes lovingly before reaching for his lips. It was soft and tasted so sweet that he doesn’t want to stop but then—

“Hikaru, Wake up! The lunch period is almost over” Someone shook him and he groaned. He felt annoyed because his sweet dreams was just ruined by this stupid person. Hikaru opened his eyes ready to punch the daylight out of that someone who dared ruin his dream when he saw who was in front of him.

He almost lost his self-control when he saw the love of his life staring back at him with innocent eyes and being so close to him that he could practically feel his breath. Well, who could blame him, he was just kissing him in his dream a while ago. But of course, he stopped himself before he could do something like that.

“uhh what? Ahh it’s almost class time right? Yeah, we should go” Hikaru awkwardly laughed while scratching the back of his head. Daiki quickly stood up and went ahead first while he just sat there thinking for a few seconds. Before, whenever he dreamed of that same dream, the dream would always stop before the kiss part but somehow, today it didn’t. Why can I still feel it? Like it really happened? Hikaru touched his lips. He shook his head and stood up, going after Daiki.


It was the day of the festival and Hikaru woke up earlier than usual. Well, the festival would be held at night but couldn’t sleep thinking about Daiki the whole night. He was excitedly looking through his clothes trying to find what he was going to wear for the festival (like a high school girl going on a date). He stopped when he realized what he was doing, sat in his bed, and sighed.

Throughout the night, he was contemplating whether to confess today or not and finally, he decided to give it a try. If he didn’t do anything then nothing would start (or end) anyway and at least he would be able to know what he would do after that whether he gets rejected or not. And he didn’t think he could hide his feelings any longer.

It was 6 at night when he heard their doorbell rang. He was already dressed and ready to go (well actually since 2 hours ago). The guy who caused his sleepless night was standing there, smiling at him. That same very smile that always shot him straight to the heart. Daiki was wearing casual clothes, in t-shirt and jeans. But for Hikaru, he looked wonderful and cute of course.

There were a lot of people in the festival and while they were walking, someone bumped into Daiki that he almost fell down. Fortunately, Hikaru was beside him and was able to grab him before he fell. But he used more force than he intended to that it made him pulled Daiki towards him and now, they were practically hugging in the middle of the crowd.

Hikaru was frozen and Daiki was also not moving that he didn’t know what to do.

“Thank you” Daiki broke out their hug afterwards and he shyly thanked him. Hikaru who saw how Daiki broke out their hug felt a bit disappointed.

Noticing the awkward atmosphere between them, He suddenly grabbed Daiki’s hand and led him to a takoyaki stall. After eating, they went from stall to stall. Catching goldfish, playing games, and mostly just eating.

They decided to rest after playing a lot and went to the park near the festival. And in that park, there was a lake. Realizing that they were still holding hands, Hikaru quickly let go and mumbled a soft ‘sorry’. They didn’t say anything for a few minutes until Daiki suddenly stopped. Daiki was looking at the boats that was parked at the side of the lake.

“Do you want to ride one?” Hikaru asked when he saw how Daiki’s eyes twinkled looking at the boats.

“Can we?” Daiki looked at him with puppy eyes. If you just know how much adorable you are at the moment and how much it is affecting my heart right now Hikaru touched his chest and decided to just keep that thought to himself. He didn’t want to ruin the moment after all.

They went to pay for the boat ride and rode the boat. A few moments later, they were now in the middle of the lake. It was silent and peaceful and all Hikaru could see was Daiki. He thought he looked wonderful as of that very moment being surrounded with the lake and cherry blossoms at each sides of the lake. The wind that was softly blowing Daiki’s hair made him look dazzling. And with the moon shining brightly through the sky, made the guy looked breathtaking to Hikaru’s eyes.

Sensing the atmosphere, Hikaru thought it was time to confess. After all, he already decided to tell the other his feelings even if he gets rejected. It’s now or never

For a while, their eyes met. They were looking at each other without breaking eye contact. At that moment. Hikaru could only think of one thing and that was how much he really really like---

“I like you”

Huh? Did I say that out loud? Maybe I am really getting desperate that I couldn’t contain my feelings anymore. Wait---

“What?” He asked when he realize something. He looked at Daiki as if trying to confirm if he did hear it coming from him.

“I said I like you” Daiki repeated but this time softly.

Hikaru stared at Daiki like he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Was it a dream? Maybe he was still in a dream. Like those dreams that he had before. Because if it was, he would rather stay in this dream forever than to wake up.

“I like you since a long time ago. I don’t know when it started but one day I just realized that I want us to always be together and that it always makes me happy whenever I see you” he continued. Despite it being dark with only the moon shining, Hikaru could tell that Daiki was blushing.

He didn’t think that the love of his life would be confessing to him. He never thought that his feelings would someday be reciprocated. If he knew, he would have confessed a long time ago instead of hiding it. And he wouldn’t have suffered from the feelings he thought to be an unrequited love. The feelings he desperately hid from the other, afraid of ruining their friendship. It must had been his fault in the first place because he was being a coward.

Daiki looked at Hikaru expecting him to say something but he remained frozen. Daiki looked down sadly and failed to notice the contented smile showing on Hikaru’s face as if all of his suffering just ended. Daiki was startled when he felt a hand holding his chin and made him looked towards Hikaru.

“I like you too” Hikaru whispered softly but loud enough for Daiki to hear. He then hold each sides of Daiki’s head before moving closer towards the other’s lips. It was soft and sweet like the kiss he had in his dream before. They broke the kiss and for a few minutes, they just stared at each other’s eyes before Daiki broke the spell.

“It’s the 2nd time” It was soft but Hikaru could clearly hear what Daiki just said.

“What 2nd time?” He asked suddenly which startled Daiki.

“Ehh nothing. I mean we should go back to the festival” Daiki said awkwardly that he became even more suspicious.

“There was no way it’s nothing. What is it? tell me~ or else I’ll kiss you again” Hikaru said playfully and Daiki blushed hearing that.

“Ok fine I’ll tell you” Daiki quickly exclaimed.

“What? You don’t want me to kiss you?” Hikaru said obviously teasing Daiki.

“No, that’s not true. I didn’t mean it that way” Daiki replied shyly.

“I was just joking. So?” Hikaru laughed.

“The rooftop”

“Hmm? What about the rooftop?”


Lunch period was almost over and he knew that Hikaru must had been sleeping again. Knowing where he was, Daiki went to the rooftop.

He found Hikaru sleeping and went closer to where he was. He was about to wake him up when he saw how peaceful he looked. So peaceful that he just wanted to stare at him forever. But contrary to that, Daiki’s feelings was in turmoil. Just looking at Hikaru, he felt his heart raced so much that he was afraid that the guy currently sleeping would hear it.

He reached out to touch Hikaru’s bangs that was covering his face and moved it out of the way. He just wanted to look at the guy’s face but his body moved on its own. Without him realizing, he was already coming closer until their lips touched. When he noticed that Hikaru was already stirring awake, he immediately broke the kiss and acted like nothing happened. But by just seeing Hikaru’s face up close, he couldn’t help but blushed. He quickly stood up and left first after telling him that it was almost class time because he didn’t want Hikaru to see his face nor finding out what he just did.

//end of flashback//

“But I’m not trying to molest you or something. I just couldn’t stop myself from doing that when I saw how cute you were when sleeping. No, I mean—“

Hikaru pulled Daiki towards him and kissed him for the 2nd time that night. But this time, it was more passionate.

“And that’s the 3rd time” whispered Hikaru near the other’s left ear after they broke the kiss and smiled while Daiki could only blushed at that.

~The End~

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17/6/15 08:48 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] tasuku-kyota.livejournal.com
*shed a tear*
*kissing you for this*

yaddaaaa this is full of fluff and sugar and sweet ughhhh /chewing pillow/
when hika wiped dai's messy cream, when dai secretly kissed him, ugh
my heart is in danger now
omg, one of my ultimate otp
hikadai FTW!!! ughhhhh thanks for this dear!!

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17/6/15 18:34 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I'm glad you like it ;-;
Haha yes, I made it really fluffy because I love fluff lol but I hope it didn't become too cheesy though XD
I really like Hikadai too <3 I always find it cute whenever I see them together :3
Thanks to you too for reading :D

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17/6/15 08:48 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juju905rote.livejournal.com

This is so cuteeee!! Hikadai are so cute!!
The beginning w/ the dream was so funny! And ut was cute how they thought of confessing at the same time :) and when Daiki said he kissed Hikaru in his sleep, I melted.
Thanks for writing, Lorelly, and dont worry ur writing is really good! I hope you write more~

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17/6/15 18:25 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
Thanks for reading~ I thought no one is going to read this actually lol

I'm glad you found this cute ;A; And yes, I was actually giggling while writing the confession part and the part where Daiki confessed that he kissed Hikaru while he was asleep (even though I was the one writing this XD).

Actually, I decided to write this because of the talk we had on fb before. You know how hikadai didn't have that much fanfics D: So I thought I wanted to write something about them :3 I hard a hard time thinking how to start and end this though since I didn't really planned the plot. I just went with the flow while writing this XD

I'll try to write more :3 I really want to write something about InooDai, something fluffy haha :D

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17/6/15 19:16 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juju905rote.livejournal.com
Of course I will read it :) I love this hikadai.

Yes I remember our chat, that's why I'm so happy you wrote this! And really, you will write Inoodai?? Please do, I can't wait ;_; And of course it should be fluffy, cus they're so fluffy and cute ;_;

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17/6/15 23:00 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
Yes, I'm planning to :3 Well, actually I already started writing it, I just need an ending ;A;

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17/6/15 12:37 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] riiakabunbun.livejournal.com
(>/////////////////////<) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ; v ;
congrats hikaru for escaping the friendzone ; v ;
hikadai is not really my otp but THIS IS SO CUTE i just cant ; v ;
lolitan thank u for making me read fanfics again i hope u would write more (so that i could also read more ; v ; )
this is so cute i cant forget any single cuteness of their pairing in this story ; v ;

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17/6/15 17:59 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
Haha yes, congrats to Hikaru for escaping the friendzone XDD
Hindi rin sila isa sa mga main otp ko pero kasi may soft spot ako pag dating sa kanila haha. Nakukyutan ako sa kanila eh lol :3
Grabe nga eh, ilang edit ang ginawa ko dito kasi hindi ako satisfied (tsaka naka public sya, nakakahiya sa mga makakabasa XD).
Titignan ko kung makakapagsulat pa ako ng iba ;A; And hirap mag isip ng plot eh >< (Actually, may sinulat akong InooDai pero naging nakakalungkot yung kwento lol at ayaw ko ng ganun gusto ko happy ending para sa kanila ;A; At meron akong multi-chap fic na sinusulat para sa Tadaiki pero ayaw ko pang ipost kasi gusto ko munang tapusin para sigurado haha).

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22/6/15 05:07 (UTC)
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yay nakaka-excite ; v ;

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19/6/15 11:51 (UTC)
lilly0: (random: Minions)
Posted by [personal profile] lilly0
This was very cute and adorable <3
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

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19/6/15 19:29 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I'm glad you found this cute ;A; I really tried writing this as cute as possible but I was not sure if it was successful >< XD
Thank you so much for reading :D

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19/6/15 16:11 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] sakuranbo0o.livejournal.com

Chooo Kawaiiii~....(๑^ں^๑)
I become to ship this pair LoL~....XD♡
Thank you for this fic....♡

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19/6/15 19:37 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
You're welcome :D
Thanks also for reading :3
Aren't they adorable? I always love it when I see them together <3 (even though they are not my main otp haha)