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Pairing: InooDai
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6600+
Summary: Kei was not sure how to describe his own feelings for a certain someone.

Inoo Kei was what you call a perfect student. He was smart and a proper student which was why teachers liked him. But among the students, Kei was known as someone cold hearted because he never showed any expression on his face. He never tried associating himself with the other students and because he gave such an aura that no one should try to be near him, students avoided him. It was not like he hated people, he just really preferred to be alone.

Being born in a strict family, he needed to be perfect in everything he does. While growing up, he was not even allowed to go out except when he goes to school. Even when he was already in high school, he needed to go home immediately after school. Since he never experienced hanging out with friends, he preferred not to have any friends at all. But he was just a human, he also felt lonely and envious when he saw some of his classmates having friends they could talk to. He also wanted to have a friend sometimes.

Kei was the first to arrive in their classroom and was currently reading a novel when a loud voice coming out from the hallway interrupted his peaceful reading.

“Did you hear about the new game that came out today? Let’s go check it out after school!” Arioka Daiki, one of Kei’s classmate, said loudly.

“Daiki you’re so loud as always. Look, Kei is glaring at you” One of Daiki’s friend laughed when they arrived at their classroom but whispered the last part (even though Kei heard it anyway).

“What? Ah Kei, you’re here already. Good morning!” Daiki looked at Kei’s direction and waved at him while showing his usual bright smile which was the same smile that always made him feel something he couldn’t explain. He just ignored him which was what he usually does whenever Daiki tried talking to him and went back to reading.

“Just ignore him Daiki. He’s always like that” Daiki’s other friend said, not even caring if Kei heard them, and went to their seat while still chatting about what they were going to do after school.

Daiki was someone opposite to Kei. Daiki was not good with studying which was why he would always barely passed his classes. He was the type of guy who would prefer to have fun than to study and a carefree & happy-go-lucky guy who loved to make people around him happy. In other words, he was the type of person that Kei would never be friends with.

Kei could see Daiki chatting happily with his friend from the corner of his eyes. It would be a lie if he said he was not happy that Daiki talked to him. From all his classmates, Daiki was actually the only one who didn’t stop trying to talk to him even though he always ignored him.

The first time Daiki talked to him was in their freshmen year. Kei was seating in his seat when Daiki sat in front of him and introduced himself. The guy smiled too brightly at him that he almost wanted to look away. He was actually shocked by that but tried to contain himself from showing it to his face.

“Inoo Kei” He answered since it would be totally rude if he didn’t respond.

“Kei, can I call you that?” Kei could feel something warm inside him when he heard Daiki said his name. The only people who called him by his first name was his parents and it was the first time someone aside from his parents called him by his given name.

Looking at the smiling face of the guy in front of him longer made Kei think that Daiki looked adorable but later shook his head to get rid of such thoughts.

“I can’t?” Daiki said when he saw Kei shook his head

“What? No, I mean I don’t really mind”

“Then Kei it is. You can call me Daiki”

He totally ignored him after that though because he really didn’t know how to respond to that. He was not used to that after all since people always avoided him.

But Daiki didn’t give up and kept trying to talk to him. Daiki would also always greet him in the morning and would always smile at him whenever they see each other. He wondered if Daiki doesn’t get tired of trying to talk to him even though he would not respond to his greetings.

Kei’s thoughts were interrupted when some of their classmates started coming in and a few minutes later, their teacher entered their classroom starting the lesson.


Kei was currently eating his lunch on the staircase at the fire exit. He didn’t really like to mingle with the other students at the cafeteria so he would always eat his lunch at the fire exit during lunch period. When he finished eating, he decided to read the novel that he brought with him since he didn’t have anything else to do.

He looked at his watch just to see that there were only 5 minutes left before his next class. He hurriedly took his lunch box while carrying his book and stood up. But then, he heard two voices talking just outside the door of the fire exit. He was pretty sure of who was the owner of the other voice though. The owner of that voice was after all the same person that was making him feel some weird things he couldn’t quite describe. He just stood there at the stairs waiting for them to finish.

“Why am I even hiding?” He whispered to himself while looking down when he realized that he was practically hiding from them.

“Yeah, why are you?” A voice suddenly said. Kei looked at the source of the voice just to see the person whom he was hiding from was already beside him. Kei got shocked that he lost his balance and let go of his book accidentally. But before he could fall, Daiki immediately grabbed his hand and pulled Kei towards him. Kei blinked a few times trying to comprehend what just happened and how close their faces were to each other.

‘Again’ Kei thought when he felt his heart pounding.

“Are you o—“ Before the other could ask if he was ok, Kei suddenly pushed Daiki away from him, which made the guy land on his butt, and ran away. He didn’t even stop when Daiki was calling him.


‘Way to go, Kei. He must hate you already’ Kei thought quietly, pretty convinced that Daiki hated him already by how he acted yesterday. He pushed the guy away after saving him for goodness sake. If it was not for Daiki grabbing his hand, he would have already fell from the stairs and he must have been in the hospital by now.

He didn’t know why he acted that way though. It was just that every time Daiki was near him, he always felt his chest being squeeze and his heartbeat increasing. He thought he might be sick but then why did he only felt something like that whenever he was near Daiki and not with other people? He kept asking himself again and again. He just couldn’t find the answer to his question.

He sighed again before trying to focus back on what he was currently doing. He was on his way to the library and was carrying some books that their class borrowed from the library. The school already ended so there were only few students in the hallway including him. He was having a hard time carrying all the books though because it was heavy. Some of it even fell from his hands because it was too much for him.

He bent down to get the books that fell but before he could grab one of the book, another hand grabbed it first. He looked up to see who it was just to see Daiki in front of him smiling and handed the book back to him. Kei should thank him for it but for some reason, his mouth was shut tightly and he couldn’t talk.

“Do you need help?” Daiki kindly offered seeing that he was struggling with carrying all of those books.

“No, it’s fine” Kei hesitated for a bit before rejecting Daiki’s offer.

“Do you hate me?” Daiki suddenly asked when he saw Kei hesitating.


“I mean I feel like you don’t like me because you seem uncomfortable whenever we’re together like this”

“That’s not…I….Umm…I mean” Kei didn’t how to reply and kept stuttering.

“It’s ok. If you don’t like me, I’ll not come near you or talk to you again” Daiki said sadly before turning away. But Kei suddenly grabbed the other’s hand which made all the books he was currently carrying fell from his hands. He suddenly gasped when he realized what he did and let go of Daiki’s hand.

“Umm…That’s not true…I…don’t hate you” Kei looked down feeling embarrassed.

“Really?” He could almost hear the happiness from Daiki’s voice.

“Yes” When he looked up, he saw Daiki smiling so happily that it made Kei feel butterflies in his stomach.

“Ok, let’s carry these books” Daiki said before bending down to pick up some of the books. Kei also helped pick up some books then they headed towards the library.

“Can we be friends? I want to be your friend” When Kei saw Daiki looking at him with those innocent eyes, he didn’t have the heart to say no. He felt like if he said no, he would break the guy’s heart.

“Ok” And he didn’t regret agreeing when he saw how delighted Daiki looked.

After putting the books in the library, they decided to walk home together. Daiki insisted to walk Kei home so they were now walking towards his house.

When they arrived, Kei thanked Daiki. But before he could go inside his house, Daiki called him. Kei looked at his new friend and saw Daiki going through his bag and took out a book.

“Actually, you forgot this at the fire exit yesterday” Daiki handed him the book.

“Thanks” He said after taking the book. Kei thought that he might had forgotten to pick it up when he saw Daiki yesterday.

Daiki smiled before waving goodbye and went on his way.

For a few minutes, Kei was just standing there, looking at the direction Daiki went, until he heard his mom calling him.


“Woah, did you cook this?” Daiki looked at the bento that Kei gave him.

They were currently at the fire exit where Kei always was during lunch period. After they became friends, Daiki always joined him during lunch break.

“Yeah” He felt kind of shy for giving a bento to Daiki because it was his first time cooking for someone else. He wanted to thank the guy for helping him and he could only think of cooking for him. But looking at Daiki’s reaction, he was glad he cooked for him after all.

“Thank you!” Daiki took the first bite.

“How was it?” Kei waited for Daiki’s comment about the food.

“This is really good” Daiki complimented while putting a lot of food in his mouth.

“Eat slowly or you’re going to—“ Kei didn’t finish his sentence because Daiki choked on his food. He handed his friend a water bottle which the guy gladly accepted.

“I couldn’t help it, it’s too delicious” Daiki said after recovering.

“I can give you a bento everyday if you want to” He didn’t mean to say that but he just blurted it out when he saw how Daiki was enjoying eating the bento he made for him.

“Is that really ok with you?” Kei thought how Daiki looked cute at the moment because apparently his friend was looking at him with puppy eyes.

“Yes, it’s fine”

After their lunch period, Daiki went back to their classroom first while Kei decided to go to the restroom. Before coming inside their classroom, he heard Daiki talking with his friends.

“Where were you during lunch? You’ve been going somewhere during lunch these past few days” One of his friends started to interrogate Daiki.

“Ah I know! You were with Inoo, weren’t you?” Daiki’s other friend said.

“That’s true, you’ve been spending time with him a lot this days. Don’t tell me you two are in that kind of relationship now”

“Yeah, are you two dating or something?”

“What are you talking about? It’s nothing like that. He’s just a friend” Daiki laughed before changing the subject with what they were going to do after school that day.

Kei clutched his chest. He didn’t know why he his chest felt hurt all of a sudden. Why was he so disappointed that Daiki didn’t think of him as someone special? Why does he felt so rejected when Daiki denied that they have that kind of relationship? Kei shook his head when he realized what he was thinking. Why would he think like that? Of course they were just friends and was he just disappointed that Daiki didn’t have any romantic feelings for him? He shook his head trying to get rid of such thoughts that were currently lingering inside his head.


Kei was currently in the hotel room where he and Daiki would be staying at during their school trip. Kei was sitting on the bed while Daiki was sitting on the sofa across from him eating his pocky.

He was staring into spaces because his thoughts were occupied with something else. Something that made him sleepless during the night. And that something was his own feelings. He just couldn’t understand it. He didn’t understand why he felt so happy whenever he was with Daiki and felt lonely whenever they were not. He couldn’t explain the pain in his chest whenever he saw Daiki being close to someone else or even that time when he heard Daiki say that they were just friends. He have a lot of questions inside his head that he just couldn’t answer and he felt like he was going crazy because of it.

“Do you want one?” He heard his friend, who was the one occupying his thoughts, suddenly uttered which startled him.

“What?” He asked when he saw Daiki handing him a piece of pocky while smiling at him. And just like that, that one simple smile from Daiki made his heart flutter and he couldn’t understand why.

“Because you’ve been staring at my pocky for quite some time now”

‘No, I was staring at you’ Kei wanted to say but just shook his head indicating that he didn’t want one.

“Are you sure?”


“Ok, if you say so” And his friend went back to eating his pocky.

After a few minutes, their teacher called them and went to the front lobby where the students were supposed to meet. The teacher started explaining what they were supposed to do and where they were supposed to go. They broke into groups first before starting their trip.

Throughout the day, Kei just couldn’t concentrate on what they were currently doing because his mind were still occupied. He couldn’t even enjoy anything from it. That after their trip, he was so exhausted for some reason and he just wanted to sleep.

“Did something happened, Kei?” Daiki suddenly asked him.

“Hmm? What do you mean?” He asked back knowing full well what the other meant.

“It’s just you’ve been spacing out a lot today. Didn’t you enjoy our trip?” His friend looked at him worriedly from the other bed beside his.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about something. Don’t worry, it’s nothing important”

“Ok, but if you need someone to talk to, you can always talk to me about your problems” Daiki smiled.

“Yeah” But there was no way he could talk about his problems with Daiki because he was the reason he was distracted throughout the day

They were silent for a few minutes that Kei thought Daiki was already sleeping. So he decided to just sleep too since he was so tired.

Before he fell asleep though, Daiki suddenly called his name. He just ignored him and kept sleeping. He was sure the guy was going to give up soon anyway but he was wrong. Daiki kept shaking him awake that he just gave up, sat up, and looked at Daiki asking him what he wanted.

Daiki smiled cunningly that Kei instantly knew the guy was planning something that was not going to be nice.

After a few minutes of Daiki explaining what he was planning to do, Kei suddenly shook his head not liking the idea.

“Why? It’s going to be fun” Daiki pouted that Kei had to look away because he knew he wouldn’t be able to say no while looking at the guy pouting at him like that.

“No means no” Kei put his head back to the pillow.

“Please?” Daiki looked at him with puppy eyes. Kei cursed himself because he knew he couldn’t reject him.

“Ok” He quietly agreed. He didn’t have the heart to say no to his friend after all.


“Are you sure this is ok?” Kei looked left and right to see if there were people there.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Some students do this all the time. Actually, we did this last school trip too” Daiki said proudly and Kei just looked at Daiki skeptically not quite sure if they should still do what they were about to do or should they just go back. What if teachers found them sneaking out? He shivered at the thought, not even want to try thinking about the consequences and the punishment he would receive from both their school and his parents.

Daiki climbed the fence first then when he reached the top, he held out his hand to Kei. Kei took it and climbed the fence too.

“Where do you think you’re going?! Come back here!” One of the teachers suddenly appeared telling them to go back. Kei heard Daiki whispered something before Daiki pulled Kei’s hand and ran away from the teacher.

After they got away, Daiki was laughing like what they did was not wrong at all and Kei was not amused by it.

“Why are you laughing? This is bad you know. Maybe we should just go back” Kei frowned.

“It’s ok, I don’t think he saw our faces anyway”

“But it’s my first time doing something like this”

“Isn’t this a good experience then?”

Kei decided to give up arguing with Daiki and let out a sigh. He just couldn’t get angry at Daiki.

“Didn’t you say you want to go somewhere? So where do you want to go?”

He started to walk away but then Daiki grabbed his hand again and pulled him into a space between two buildings and made him crouched down with him. He suddenly realized that some of the teachers were there, probably looking for the other students who were also sneaking out like them.

He could feel his heartbeat increasing seeing how close Daiki’s face was to him. And it was weird since he was more nervous because of his friend and not because of their teachers that were currently looking for them. His back was against the wall while Daiki’s hands were on his shoulder. He didn’t know where to look so he was just looking down but when he tried looking up, he saw Daiki looking at him with an unreadable expression. They just looked at each other and Kei couldn’t hear and see anything aside from the sound of their breath and the guy in front of him. He could even hear his every heartbeat in his ears.

Daiki suddenly went closer that made Kei froze. His mind went blank and he couldn’t think of anything else except the guy in front of him and what was currently happening.

When they were only an inch closer, he could already feel the other’s breath on his face and closed his eyes. But after a few seconds, he didn’t feel anything so he opened his eyes and saw Daiki already standing up.

“I think the teachers are gone already. Let’s go” Daiki said like nothing happened and held out his hand to Kei. He suddenly felt embarrassed that he thought the adorable guy was going to kiss him that he even closed his eyes. Why would he think like that anyway? It was definitely weird to even think like that. He just wanted to bang his head on the wall from embarrassment.

He hesitantly took the guy’s hand. Daiki smiled and pulled him somewhere. Kei looked at their linked hands that made him feel warm inside and he could feel butterflies in his stomach.

They walked for 30 minutes which made Kei wondered where Daiki was going to bring him. Daiki led him to a mountain path. He saw some people going up and down the mountain occasionally and there were lights on each side of the path so it was not dark while they were walking. Whenever he asked where they were going, his friend would just tell him it was a surprise. So he just went along and just let Daiki led him to wherever they were going.

“So Daiki, when is your birthday?” Kei asked randomly because he couldn’t stand the silence between them and he did want to know his birthday too. Daiki usually talked a lot but maybe he was scared he would blurt out his surprise so he was not saying anything.

“Actually, it’s today” Daiki shyly replied.

“Seriously? Happy Birthday! But why didn’t you tell me?” Kei was surprised about the revelation. But honestly he was also a bit disappointed that his friendly didn’t tell him something important even Daiki knew Kei’s birthday.

“Yeah, well, I thought it’s not that important. Thanks though” Daiki grinned while scratching the back of his head.

“Then, what kind of gift do you want?”

“You don’t have to”

“But I want to give you something”

“Then, I want to see your smile because I have never seen it” Daiki said smiling brightly at him.

“What are you saying?” Kei felt embarrassed and looked away.

After that, no one said anything and just kept walking then a few minutes later, they arrived.

“I heard from the locals about this place and I wanted to bring you here since I thought it might help take your attention away from your problems” Daiki smiled and pointed in front.

Kei was touched that Daiki was that concerned about him that the guy would even think of a way to distract him from his problems. He looked in front of him just to see the place they were currently standing on was overlooking the city. When he saw the view in front of him, he was amazed.

“Woah” Kei let out after seeing the city filled with bright lights. Since he had always been living inside a city and was always at home, he never thought city lights would looked so beautiful during the night when seeing from above.

“So pretty” He heard Daiki whispered and he looked at him just to see Daiki staring at him.

“It is” He replied and Daiki just smiled at him then looked in front again.

They stayed there for a few minutes more before deciding to go back to their hotel. Luckily, no one saw them going back to their room so Kei felt safe. But then, for some reason, he didn’t feel guilty sneaking out at all. He was actually glad he did.

Because of this experience, he finally found the answer he kept asking himself. He finally realized his feelings. He realized that he already saw Daiki not just as a friend but more than that. He could feel his heartbeat racing whenever he saw Daiki because he was already in love with him.

He was actually not completely clueless about love. He might never had experience it before, but he did read about things like that from some of the novels he read. He even tried googling it and all the answers that the search engine was giving him were all about being in love. But even so, he tried to deny it because he didn’t want to believe it even though he realized he was experiencing the same symptoms as someone who was in love according to what he read at least.

It probably started on the day Daiki first talked to him. He already felt something different toward him at that day. It was the first time someone talked to him the way Daiki did because people would always avoid him. It was the first time someone worked so hard for him to notice them. And he was the only one who would smile at him every time they saw each other.

Kei buried his face on his pillow before looking at the guy sleeping at the other bed. But what would Daiki say if he found out about it? He suddenly felt scared at the thought. Maybe he should hide his feelings after all since he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. It would be better that way than to be far away from Daiki.

He sighed before deciding to sleep his negative thoughts away.


For a week, Kei actually avoided Daiki. His feelings were becoming too much and he was getting scared that he would suddenly blurt all his feelings out to Daiki. Whenever Daiki wanted to talk to him, he would always make excuses that he was busy but he knew he would ran out of excuses eventually and his friend would realize he was being avoided.

He sighed looking at the content of the book that he couldn’t understand no matter how much he read it. He just couldn’t concentrate because his thoughts were occupied by something else. He decided to stop reading since he couldn’t concentrate anyway. But before he could leave the staircase, someone grabbed his hand. He was suddenly in an awkward position because he found himself trapped between his friend and the wall while Daiki’s hands were against the wall.

“Are you avoiding me?” He knew that would come eventually but he was not prepared because he didn’t know how to answer.

“Of…of course not. Why…would you..think that? I was just really busy” He replied while trying hard not to stutter.

“Really? Is that really true?” Sometimes he was thankful that Daiki was gullible because even thought he was horrible at lying, the guy would still believe him.

“Yeah” He kind of felt guilty for lying though but it was better that way because there was no way he could tell him the real reason.

“I thought you don’t want to be friends with me anymore” Daiki looked at him sadly and Kei felt even more remorseful because of that.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you sad. If you don’t mind, do you want to hang out with me on the weekend?” Before he could stop himself, he suddenly blurt it out because he didn’t want to see his friend sad. He cursed himself mentally slightly regretting it. What if Daiki realized that Kei liked him by asking him out like that? Does it sound like a date? He sure hoped not.

“Yes, let’s go!” When he saw Daiki became cheerful again, all his negative thoughts vanished. He was glad he offered after all.


On the weekend, they decided to go to an ice skating rink. Daiki was the one who decided the place where they would be hanging out. He agreed to go there since he did ask Daiki to hang out with him because he wanted to make him happy. The only problem was he actually never ice skate before so he didn’t know how to do it. Well, to be honest he was never good in sports in the first place.

Kei was standing outside of the rink, afraid to go in since he knew it would be really slippery. Daiki who was skating inside went to where Kei was when he realized Kei was not planning to go inside the rink.

“Here. I’ll hold your hand” Daiki held out his hands waiting for Kei to hold them.


“I promise I’ll not let go”

Kei held Daiki’s hands when he saw how eager Daiki was. He didn’t really want to disappoint him.

Daiki led him inside the rink and Kei held on to Daiki’s hands with all his might because he was scared to slip. His friend was skating backwards while facing him.

He felt distracted seeing Daiki staring at him, he suddenly felt jelly being stared at like that so he lost his balance and slipped.

Daiki tried to stabilize them and pulled Kei towards him which ended up with both of them slipping and Kei landed on top of Daiki.

For a few seconds, they were just staring at each other’s eyes without a care in the world, forgetting that they were in a public place. He could feel his pulse beating faster and faster that he was afraid the guy under him would hear it or even feel it since he was on top of Daiki. Kei woke up from his trance when he realized their current position.

“I’m sorry” Kei immediately sat up and looked away hiding the blush creeping up his face.

“It’s ok. Did you get hurt?” Daiki asked, concern in his voice.

“No, I’m fine. Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine too” Daiki grinned and stood up. He held out his hand which Kei gladly took, helping him stand up. For the whole time they were skating, Daiki didn’t let go of Kei’s hand even once like what he promised him earlier.

After skating, they decided to eat in a park near the stadium. They sat down on a grass and Kei took out his bento. He gave one to Daiki which his friend gladly took and started eating. Kei always feel happy whenever Daiki eat the food he cooked. Maybe because whenever Daiki ate the food, he was eating it like it was the most delicious food he had ever eaten in his life.

“It was fun, right? We should do it again next time” Daiki said while chewing on his food.

“Yeah” Kei replied and Daiki smiled at him. He wouldn’t deny that he really had fun hanging out with Daiki and he would love to go hang out with him together again.

After eating, they walked around the park for a few minutes before going home.

After that, he decided to stop avoiding Daiki because he didn’t want to see him unhappy again and just went with the flow. It was better to just hide his feelings forever than to see Daiki make such a face again. It would probably hurt him in the long run but if he could make Daiki smile then that was already enough for him.


Their summer vacation would start tomorrow and Kei’s class was talking about hanging out after school before their summer vacation started. It seemed like they wanted to go to a karaoke place. Kei was not really interested so he tried to ignore it but he heard Daiki’s voice among his classmates’ who seemed too excited about it.

Kei suddenly became confused and now trying to decide whether he should go too since his friend would be there. He wanted to be with Daiki after all and he knew he wouldn’t be able to see him during the break.

He was in a battle with himself when he heard Daiki called his name. He was surprised to see the guy beside him.

“What?” Kei asked when he realized Daiki was telling him something.

“I asked if you want to come too” Daiki asked excitedly.

He was quiet for a few minutes, trying to decide what to answer.

“If you can’t, you don’t have to. Maybe next time” His friend said dejectedly but forced a smile.

“Daiki! We should go” One of their classmates said and Daiki started walking away when Kei held his sleeve.

“I…Umm…I’ll go too” Kei shyly answered.

“Really? Great! Then, let’s go” Daiki smiled brightly and waited for Kei to finish packing his belongings.


When they arrived, they went straight to a Karaoke room and Kei was sitting in the corner. He was feeling uncomfortable since he didn’t like crowded places. And he couldn’t even talk with Daiki since the guy was currently enjoying himself singing with some of their classmates. He sighed, maybe he should just go home but he didn’t want to be rude.

After a few more minutes, he decided to go to the bathroom to refresh himself. All those noises were making his head hurt. He stood in front of the sink and splashed his face with water. When he went out of the bathroom, he saw Daiki leaning against the wall which made the guy smile when he saw him.

“Why?” He wanted to ask why he was there but that was the only word that came out from his mouth.

“Because it was noisy inside” Daiki shrugged.

“Let’s go somewhere else” His friend suddenly added.


“I said let’s go somewhere quiet”

“But—“ Before he could protest, Daiki took his hand and led him outside. In the end, he just let his friend dragged him to wherever they were going.

Kei stared at their currently linked hands and he couldn’t help but blush since they were currently in public place. He thought what if people saw them? What would they think of them? Would they think it was disgusting? Kei suddenly felt self-conscious and tried to take back his hand but Daiki held on it tighter. So in the end, he just gave up.

After a few minutes, they arrived in a park and sat on a bench.

“Is it ok? To ditch them like that? What if they look for you? Wouldn’t it be bad if they didn’t see you?” Kei suddenly asked after they sat on the bench.

“It’s ok. I already texted them and told them I’m not feeling well and you will be sending me home so we left first”

“Isn’t that lying?” Kei glared at Daiki.

“It will be fine. They’ll never know anyway. And you also didn’t want to be there, right?” Daiki smiled innocently.

Was the reason the guy brought him here was because he noticed that he felt uncomfortable?

“You knew?” He felt touch that Daiki chose to be with him than to be with his friends.

“Yeah, you were squirming around while we were there and you were frowning”

“Well, I never liked crowded places that’s why” Kei pouted and Daiki laughed lightly.

“Isn’t this much better anyway?”

“Yeah” He agreed because it was true and also because they were currently together alone.

After a few minutes of silence, he suddenly realized something.

“Umm your hand” Kei pointed out when he realized they were still holding hands. But Daiki just smiled and didn’t let go.

“Can’t we just stay like this forever?”

“Huh?” Was he referring to just staying there at the park? Or was he referring to their linked hands?

“Can’t we just hold hands like this forever?”

“That’s…I mean we can’t do that. We’re not even lovers” Kei joked the last part even though he was hoping it would come true.

“Then, let’s be lovers”

“What are you talking about? Stop joking”

“I’m serious”

“Why would you even want to be lovers? You don’t even like me” Kei bitterly added the last part.

“Would I even say that if I don’t like you?”

“Are you saying you do?” Kei stared at Daiki. He said hoping it was not a joke.

“Yes, I like you”

Kei didn’t break their eye contact and was trying to see if the guy beside him was serious. When he saw Daiki’s sincere eyes though, he felt overwhelmed. He was too happy that he couldn’t describe his current feeling. He wanted to jump from happiness. He wanted to hug the guy beside him, to tell him he liked him too. But no sounds came out from his mouth and all he could do was cry.

“What? What happened? Did I do something wrong?” Daiki who saw that, panicked. Kei shook his head.

“Then why are you cry—“ Daiki couldn’t complete his sentence because Kei suddenly hugged him.

“Because I wanted to hear it, I wanted to hear you say those words to me. I like you too” He confessed.

Kei let go of the hug and smiled which Daiki returned with another smile.

“It’s my 2nd time seeing your smile”

When Kei realized what the other meant, he immediately looked down and played with his fingers to hide the blush that was creeping up his face. Daiki, who probably noticed his embarrassment, reached out and held his other hand intertwining their finger together.

“Then when was the first time?” Kei said softly but loud enough for Daiki to hear while still looking at their intertwined fingers because he was still feeling embarrassed.

“It was when we went on a trip. That time we sneaked out”

“When?” Kei finally looked at his now boyfriend. He remembered that time but he didn’t remember smiling at all.

“Secret” Daiki put his index finger in front of his lips.

“What? That’s not fair” He complained but Daiki just laughed softly.


During the summer break, they actually couldn’t meet because Daiki had summer classes and was too busy to meet each other. They never seen each other even once during summer vacation.

It was the first day of their senior year and luckily they had the same class again.

Kei was so excited to see Daiki but for some reason since the morning, Daiki was completely ignoring him. He didn’t even look at him. It made him think if maybe what happened before the summer vacation were all a dream. What if it really was a dream? It was too good to be true after all. He felt scared from the thought. He shook his head trying to get rid of those negative thoughts that were lingering inside his mind.

He was walking heavily through the hallway after school, ready to go home. They didn’t even talk to each other even until the school was over. Suddenly, someone called his name.

“Kei!” Even without turning around, he knew who was the owner of that voice. He looked at the direction where he heard the voice and saw Daiki standing outside the opened window, smiling at him like he just didn’t totally ignore him for the whole day. His boyfriend was leaning forward with his arms folded resting on the windowsill.

Kei glared at him and he actually wanted to ignore Daiki but he couldn’t do it especially seeing him smiling at him like that. He went closer to the window where Daiki was, ready to complain. But before he could, his boyfriend reached out and pulled him into a kiss. It was their first time kissing after they started dating and it felt wonderful. They stayed like that for a few moments before pulling away.

Kei suddenly laughed when he realized something.

“What?” Asked Daiki.

“You were tiptoeing just now, weren’t you?” Kei teased.

He could see Daiki flustered while pouting.

“Forget about that part” Daiki argued.

Seeing Daiki’s pouting lips, he couldn’t help but lean forward to kiss his boyfriend on the lips.

After pulling away, they smiled sweetly at each other. He couldn’t believe he would actually do something bold like that. He was just thankful that no one was in the hallway at that time and that the school was already over.

~The End~
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