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Pairing: InooDai
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2900+
Summary: Kei secretly has a crush on Daiki

Kei tensely looked around and felt really nervous. He was currently in one of his club member’s house sitting on a sofa in the living room. Normally, he would not really feel that nervous being in somebody else’s house but this was different. He was not just in anybody’s house, he was currently in his crush’s house.

His eyes automatically landed on Daiki, who was the owner of the said house, who was talking to some of their club members. Yeah, he was not the only one there, they were with their club members. After all, there was no way Daiki would invite him there alone, they were not even close.

Kei was actually a member of their school’s acting club. To be honest, it was never in his plan to join that club because he was an awkward person and he couldn’t even act. But he always had this big crush on Daiki since years ago that when Daiki joined the acting club, he immediately joined too forgetting that he was not even good at acting. He was a year above his crush so they were not in any class together. And he thought that by joining, maybe he could get closer to him.

However, even though they’d been in the same club for almost a year, they’d never really talked to each other. Whenever his crush would start talking to him, his mind would go blank and he couldn’t talk. He couldn’t even look at him in the eye. So in the end, it would become awkward. He was happy though, he thought it was a good progress already compared to before when he would just look at him from afar.

He smiled when he saw Daiki laughing at whatever their other club members were saying. But he was kind of jealous too because he also wanted Daiki to smile like that to him.

Probably sensing someone was looking at him, Kei’s breath hitched when their eyes suddenly met. Kei immediately looked down and played with his finger, feeling embarrassed to be caught staring. The next moment, he felt someone taking a seat next to him and looked up to see who it was.

He almost screamed when he saw who was currently sitting beside him but immediately covered his mouth.

“Sorry for scaring you but am I really that scary?” Daiki chuckled when he saw Kei’s reaction.

Kei immediately shook his head, still covering his mouth. He was so shocked to see the younger guy sitting next to him. He just never thought Daiki would choose to sit beside him.

“Sorry” He immediately apologized thinking that he might have offended Daiki for reacting like that.

Daiki just smiled at him then they fell into silence after that. Kei wanted to hit his head on the wall for reacting that way. He hated that he kept giving bad impressions to Daiki. He wanted to talk to him normally and casually have a conversation with him but he just didn’t know how to act right around his crush.

After a few minutes, one of their club members who was directing the play called them and told them they would start practicing. They would actually be having a play in a few days and when they were talking about where they could practice after school, since apparently practicing in school was not enough, Daiki told them that they could practice in his house.

He was getting nervous again. No matter how much he practiced for their play, he just wouldn’t stop being nervous. It was not because he was going to act. Well, that too. But it was because he had to play the lead role. Yes, a leading role even though they knew he couldn’t even act so they always made him an extra who didn’t have that much lines. But for some reason, probably thinking that it was going to be fun, they made Kei play the leading role for this play. And not only that, his role was even a girl because they thought he looked so pretty like a girl.

What made him really nervous though was not the fact that he would be playing a girl’s role but because Daiki would be playing as his lover on the play. And apparently, just this morning, their scriptwriter added something in the script that made him flustered. They added a kissing scene since they thought it would become much sweeter with that. He could feel himself blushing when he remembered the script. It was not like he hated that. Being able to kiss Daiki was like a dream come true. But whenever they would practice that part, he would get flustered and make mistakes so in the end, they still couldn’t practice the kissing scene.

After so many mistakes, they decided to take a break for now. He excused himself and went to the bathroom.

Kei let out a sigh. He felt really guilty because it was his fault that they were not progressing on their practice. But he couldn’t help it, it was making him feel tense whenever they were about to practice the kissing part.

He looked at the mirror when a sudden idea occurred to him. He looked around making sure no one was there except him.

After making sure he was the only one in the bathroom, he placed his palm on each side of the sink and leaned closer to the mirror. He closed his eyes while puckering his lips. When he felt the cold surface touched his lips, he immediately opened his eyes and stood up straight. He looked so stupid right now that he would die from embarrassment if somebody caught him kissing the mirror.

But even so, he wanted to do this right so he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of Daiki anymore. He already caused them a lot of trouble. He thought after this, he would do their practice seriously.

He closed his eyes again getting ready to kiss the mirror. Before his lips could touch the mirror though, he felt like someone was staring at him. He gasped after opening his eyes. What he saw in the mirror made him want to die right then and there.

He slowly turned to looked at the person who was currently leaning against the door frame with an unreadable expression.

“Dai…ki” He whispered the guy’s name. He just wanted to bury himself alive or hide in a hole where no one could find him. He was a weird person alright, he admitted that, so he did a lot of embarrassing things before but this was the most embarrassing thing he had ever done.

Daiki slowly made his way to where Kei was standing. He wanted to run but for some reason he couldn’t move his feet. He didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t read what Daiki had on his mind. Did he feel disgusted seeing him like that? He could only stare at the younger guy who was making his way towards him.

“So~ you’re fine with kissing the mirror but not with me?” Daiki said when he was only a few feet away from Kei.

“Wha—“ He felt really embarrassed hearing that and tried to think of an excuse.

“If you wanted to practice kissing, you should have just told me. I could have help you instead, I am your partner after all” Daiki grinned while coming even closer to Kei which made him step back automatically but he couldn't go any further since his back was stopped by the sink.

“N—no...I—“ Kei tried to deny even though he knew there was no use in denying it since he was just caught red handed. He looked down on the floor, hiding his flustered face. He knew his face must be red as a tomato already.

“Is the mirror much better than me that you would rather kiss it than to kiss me?” Daiki suddenly pouted.

Kei automatically shook his head when he saw Daiki’s pout and almost closed his eyes when he saw Daiki leaned his face closer to him until their faces were just inches apart.

“Ok then, I'll forgive you” Daiki whispered when their lips were just barely touching each other. Kei closed his eyes, waiting for Daiki to kiss him.

“Daiki! Where are you?!” Their moment was interrupted when someone suddenly shouted Daiki’s name. Oh yeah, they were probably gone for a long time so of course their club members would be looking for them by now.

Daiki pulled away from him when he heard his name being called and Kei could only stare at him. He couldn’t believe they almost kissed if not for that club member who just had to ruin their moment were currently looking for them. He felt kind of disappointed though.

“We should probably go back” Daiki suggested and Kei just nodded. But before the younger guy turned around to leave, Kei could swear that Daiki just smirked at him. And he could feel himself blushing.

When they went back, they started practicing again. But they decided to make the kissing scene fake instead of a real kiss because Kei just wouldn’t stop being tense when they were about to do it. And whenever he thought back about what happened earlier, it would make him flustered.

Kei pouted while looking at himself in the mirror. Yeah, he would be playing as a girl in their play but they never mentioned that he would have to wear a dress and they even put make up on his face. He didn’t like it because he knew he looked like a girl already and making him wear make up and a dress just made it worse.

He let out a sigh before deciding to go to the backstage of their school’s auditorium.

“Aww you look so pretty!” Was one of the thing he heard when he arrived. And after that their club members gathered around him, complimenting his pretty look.

He looked at the other side just to see Daiki looking at him. For a few seconds, they were only staring at each other’s eyes until his crush smiled at him. He could feel himself blushing so he immediately averted his eyes elsewhere.

After a few minutes, they started getting ready. He stood next to Daiki while waiting for their play to start. He was nervous but what made him more nervous was the fact that before their play started, Daiki whispered something to him that made his heart race.

“You look pretty” His crush whispered into his ears before going on stage. He was shocked that he almost forgot that he also had to go to the stage if not for one of their club members, who woke him up from his trance, told him he should go already. Even though he was annoyed by the compliments he received from his club members about how pretty he looked at the moment, he didn’t hate it when Daiki was the one who was complimenting him. He touched his warm cheeks and he knew he was blushing.

He thought their play was going well. He was able to say all his lines correctly and he didn’t make any mistakes. It was so perfect that he was afraid something bad was going to happen at any moment. He was scared he would accidentally do something stupid like what he always did.

When they were about to do the kissing scene already though, he suddenly got nervous again. He knew it was not going to be a real kiss anyway but looking at how close his face was to Daiki’s, he couldn’t help but remember the kiss that almost happened in Daiki’s bathroom.

He tried to remain calm, reminding himself that this would be over really soon. He just had to close his eyes and the next moment it would be over. So he closed his eyes waiting for it to be over. He could feel Daiki was leaning closer because he could feel the other’s warm breath on his face.

But the next moment, he felt something soft touching his lips. He froze right there, his mind went blank, and he could feel his breathing stop. He could even hear some of their audience squealing. He knew what was currently happening even without him opening his eyes. Daiki was currently kissing him.

After a few seconds, Daiki broke the kiss and their eyes met each other’s. Kei wanted to ask why. But even though he really wanted to say something, he couldn’t find his voice. He couldn’t even move. Even though they practiced this part for a long time at that time in Daiki’s house, not once did he kiss him so why now? Or maybe because he was just into his character that he did it? Yeah, that maybe was the reason because there was no way he would kiss him because he liked him. Even though in his heart, he was wishing the opposite.

They might have been staring at each other for who knew how long because the next moment, he could see one of their members from the side of the stage telling them to say their lines already. He immediately pushed Daiki lightly away from him but not too strong so it wouldn’t look like they were just practically only staring at each other forgetting that they were on a play.

The play ended successfully. Well, at least he hoped so. But after the play, all he could do was sigh. He just couldn’t understand Daiki. Sometimes, the guy would do something that would make him think that Daiki shared the same feelings as him but the next moment, he would just act normally like nothing just happened. Like what happened after their play, his crush just acted like he didn’t just practically kissed him on the stage in front of many people. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. But then, maybe he was the only one making a big deal out of it because it was his first kiss and he doubt that it was even Daiki’s first kiss.

He touched his lips before shaking his head and got ready to go home. But he stopped, because he realized it was currently raining. He cursed himself for not bringing any umbrella with him and for not checking the weather before going to school this morning.

He decided to just run in the rain since his house was close to his school anyway. He covered his head with his bag getting ready to leave but before he could make a step, someone grabbed his hand.

He looked at the person who was currently holding his hand and saw Daiki smiling at him while carrying an umbrella.

“You don’t have your umbrella with you, right? I’ll walk you home” Daiki kindly offered.

“N..no, it’s ok. I can just run. My house is near anyway” Kei declined his offer even though he actually wanted to walk with Daiki. But he didn’t want to trouble the guy just to walk him home.

“But you’re going to be sick if you run in this heavy rain”


“No, I insist. Let me walk you home” Daiki insisted. He was determined to walk him home.


Daiki opened his umbrella and Kei stood beside him. They walked side by side with Daiki holding the umbrella over them. He suddenly felt embarrassed since they were currently walking under the same umbrella. And also because he could feel their arms touching. He thought they looked like a couple right now then blushed by his own thoughts.

Daiki suddenly stopped walking which made Kei also stopped walking.

“Is there something wrong?” Kei couldn’t help but ask when he saw Daiki looking troubled about something. Maybe he was busy after all and he was troubling him by walking him home right now. For some reason, Kei was feeling guilty even though Daiki didn’t even say anything yet.

His crush suddenly looked at him and stared into his eyes intensely that it made him really nervous. Did he do something wrong? Why was Daiki looking at him like that?

Daiki suddenly lowered his head as if feeling shy about something.

“Actually I want to tell you something” Daiki whispered but loud enough for Kei to hear.

“What is it?” Maybe he really did something wrong? He was getting nervous and it made it even worse when Daiki was not saying anything after some time.

“Will…will you go out with me?” Daiki lifted his face up and stared into Kei’s eyes seriously while saying it.

Kei just looked at him, too shocked to say anything.

“What?” Kei asked after he recovered from the shocked just to be sure if what he heard was right.

“Go out with me” Daiki repeated gently.

He felt like he was dreaming to hear that his long time crush was asking him out.

“A—am I dreaming right now?” If this was a dream, he wouldn’t want to wake up from it.

Daiki smiled hearing the question and leaned forward until their faces were only a few centimeters apart.

“No” Daiki whispered when their lips were almost touching like what he did when he almost kissed Kei in the bathroom. And with that, Kei closed his eyes knowing that the kiss that was interrupted a few days ago would definitely happen this time. Daiki lowered his umbrella covering them for anyone to see before closing the space between them and capturing the pretty guy’s lips.

~The end~

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18/12/15 22:40 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juju905rote.livejournal.com
This is co CUTE Lorelly! So adorable
I love inoari fic with shy Kei.
When I read Kei is a girl in the play ♥ and then I read Daiki is the lead guy ♥ ♥ and they even have kiss scene ♥ ♥ ♥

Kei is so weirdo kissing the mirror x) but cute
I loved the last scene when Daichan lowered his umbrella to hide them.
Edited 18/12/15 22:41 (UTC)

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18/12/15 22:59 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jyj4everfan.livejournal.com
I love shy Inoo too haha :)

Well, Inoo is weird irl anyway so it's fine XDD
Yes, I always wanted to use that umbrella scene so much and I'm glad I was able to write it here :3


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