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So I made a birthday fanvid for Daiki :3 I couldn't make a bday fanvid for him last year since I was busy so I was really happy that I was able to make one this year :D

I really had fun editing this video since I like looking at him (ok that sounds creepy XD). I mean I'll never get tired looking at him since he's so adorable :3 I'm not really satisfied with how this turned out though because it looks so rushed ;A; I only edited this for 2 days after all so I guess that's why >< But I'm not really good at video editing anyway so whatever XD

Anyway, here's the fanvid :D
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So finally, I received my S3art dvd 2 days ago \(^_^)/ And tbh, I didn't expect to received it that early. I really thought I would receive it on monday next week because I usually receive my packages from cdj a week later (Airmail is the shipping method I usually use). Well, sometimes I receive my packages after 5 days (from when it shipped) but yeah XD It's not like I'm complaining or anything though because I like how fast it arrived haha. I hope I will receive any of my packages from cdj that quick from now on XDD

Anyway, I can't wait to watch it :3 I can't wait to see it in our TV haha. I even learned how to hacked our dvd player just to be able to play a region 2 dvd because we have a region 1 dvd player XDD
It was so hard stopping myself from watching the whole concert because I wanted to watch it when I receive my copy. I did watch some performance though XD Like Oh Idol and BEST Corner from S3art and Live with me concert because I just had too XDDD And I had been waiting for a long time just to see Oh Idol haha.
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So 2 days ago, I finally received my copy of JYJ's new single 'Wake me tonight' \(^_^)/ I was really excited for this single since it's been a long time since they released a Japanese single >< And I really wanted to hear them sing (and speak) in Japanese again ;A; I'm just sad that they didn't have a PV for this single though >< I guess they are really busy that's why? I was even looking forward to that T^T But that's fine too even if they didn't have a PV for it :3 Just hearing them sing in Japanese again is already enough for me :) It would have been really great if they could promote it on music shows but I guess that is impossible to happen right now T_T

And congrats to JYJ btw for ranking 2nd on the Oricon chart :) I think it's great that they ranked 2nd even though they couldn't even promote this single on TV and that there's only 1 version of this single but they could sell 135,556 for the 1st week :D It means they are still relevant in Japan (Well of course they are! duh~ XD) ;A; I'm happy for them :3

And Happy 7th year anniversary to me because this month marks the 7th year that I've been a fan of them haha <3 Wow, time flies so fast~ I was only 14 when I became a fan of them you know >< XD I'll really miss JYJ when they go to the military ;A; Well, they will come back after 2 years but still >< 2 years is still a long time T_T
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Yesterday, my sister and I went to Global Winter Wonderland for christmas :3 I thought it was pretty nice. The lights were pretty. It felt like we travelled the world for 1 night XD Too bad there's no Tokyo tower there or something XD The admission fee was pretty expensive though. I mean $16 per person and the parking is $10. And the park is not even that big so we went around for just an hour or maybe it's not even an hour >< And it was so cold since it was outside ;A; But still, I like it :3

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So I went to watch an NBA game with my sister last saturday (Dec 21st) :3 Actually I only went there because of Jeremy Lin XD And because my sister had 2 free tickets :) Our seats were pretty close and the view was nice :D I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to sports so I don't usually watch one. I did go to a Rockets vs Knicks game last year though (because of JLin & NY Knicks XD) haha. The game was really nice (the Kings vs Lakers one)^^ It was hard to know who was going to win but in the end Kings won over Lakers :3 Tbh, I had no idea who to cheer while I was there. I was cheering for JLin though XD And Kings fans were loud haha. It felt like I was watching a concert of an idol group XDD

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Happy birthday to the talented, awesome & handsome bassist, and the jokester (and a bias ruiner XD) of Hey! Say! JUMP <3
It's still December 2nd in Japan so I'm not late yet XD

I made a fan video because I really wanted to make one for his birthday haha^^ Actually, I just started making this yesterday because I was out from Thursday to Saturday last week because of Thanksgiving Day ;A; So I actually made this video in a rush haha. I was actually on the verge of giving up because I was having a hard time looking for video clips to use since I don't have that much raw videos in my hard drive (almost all of them have English subtitles ;A;). This fanvid is such a fail though T_T lol

To be honest, I didn't really find Hikaru attractive at first ;A; I just really noticed that he's good looking when I watched Orthros no inu XD And from then on, he became a bias ruiner lol^^ Nothing, I just wanted to mention that XDD And I actually like seeing him play dark characters because he's good at those :3 Well, he is a good actor anyway no matter what character he plays <3

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So it's been a year since I became a fan of JUMP :D Actually, I should have posted this last month since I became a fan of them on October last year haha but I was too lazy to post anything last month XDD
Anyway, I still can't believe I found my way in the Johnny's fandom because tbh, I didn't have a good image about JE XD (I think I said that a lot of times already though lol). But I'm thankful I found my way in this fandom because if not then I wouldn't have become a fan of JUMP <3 haha. And I don't regret a thing about it :D

Tbh, I'm someone who get tired easily of things and so whenever I like a group, that liking is not going to last for a year XD When that liking goes over a year then that means I really like that group. And that means I really like HSJ which I totally do <3 XD Actually, the only group that I like for a long time is JYJ (and I've been a fan of them for almost 7 years! haha) :3

I'm really glad I'm in the HSJ fandom because I love love love JUMP so much <3 I hope me being a fan of them is going to last for a long time^^

Anyway, I guess belated happy 1st anniversary to me (in this fandom haha) <3
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...again after some time :D I think I read it back in 2011 or was it 2012? lol I don't really remember. Reading it right now though, I don't remember anything at all XD I remember liking this manga though because I love the story.

I was actually trying to decide whether to watch the anime again or read the manga again. But I decided to just read the manga again because the anime was not really complete and they didn't include a lot of good part from the manga so that's why I rather read the manga again :D And also the drawing is much better in the manga than in the anime XDD Good thing I don't remember the story though so I don't remember what happened on the ending haha.

Okay why did I even decided to read this again? I think it was because of [livejournal.com profile] riiakabunbun XD She mentioned it on twitter and that made me want to read it again XD Thank you Rii-chan <3 haha.
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Okay I don't really know where to start XD Then lets start with this:

Name: Lorelly
Nickname: LJ
Age: I'm the same age as HS7 & a few weeks older than Chinen :)
Country: United States
Nationality: Filipino
Language: Tagalog and English :)
Hobbies: I like watching Japanese drama, Korean drama (right now, just occasionally), Japanese variety show (especially if HSJ is in there & Arashi's shows & ItteQ), Korean variety shows (actually right now, I'm only watching Running man & Infinity Challenge XD). I do read manga (well shoujo manga XD) and watch anime (especially shoujo anime :P but just occasionally when I find something interesting XD). My favorite manga are Lovely Complex & Library Wars <3
Favorite group/singer: JYJ, Hey! Say! JUMP, & Ohara Sakurako :D
Bias: Arioka Daiki :3
OTP: InooDai <3
Accounts: Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal
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news 10th anniversary

So I finally received my copy of this DVD. I'm really happy but sad at the same time, because I know I can't watch it right now since I have a lot of things to do. If I try watching it right now, my schedule will become a mess haha. I hope I can stop the urge to watch it though, at least until I finish all my projects that will be due next week T_T But I have a feeling that I can't do that XD I waited for this Concert DVD to be released since last year, you know haha. I should have bought the Limited Edition though (this is the Regular Edition). Actually, when I tried buying the limited edition in cdjapan, it was already sold out so I just bought the regular one but then, when I checked it after a day, they stocked it again. But I couldn't really cancel my order since I used paypal and not credit card T_T Oh well, this is what I get for being impatient lol.
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OMG, look what arrived today. I was so happy when I saw my package in the living room (my mom brought it in from outside when she arrived home from work). I was actually already expecting it to arrive today but I didn't really keep my hopes up because whenever I expect something to arrive, my package(s) never arrived so yeah but since it really did arrive, I'm really happy right now (^_^) I was actually really excited to receive this calendar. Seeing the scans all over facebook and tumblr made it harder for me to wait haha. I actually prefer a wall calendar when buying a calendar but seeing the actual calendar, I actually like it a lot. There are a lot of nice pictures. And of course, Yamada and Daiki look good and adorable as usual (sorry for being bias hehe^^). Inoo looks really pretty too (seriously, this guy is ruining my bias list XD). Well, all in all, they all look good and adorable^^ And I don't regret buying this calendar either. I'm so glad I did^^

And I can't wait for their concert. I hope they will release a DVD for that. Also, I hope they'll perform Aisureba. For some reason, I want to see them perform it. I'm sure it's going to be a cute performance. Also, I hope they will release an album this year *prays hard*

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JYJ calendar 2014

So, I just received my JYJ calendar today and I'm totally in love with it <3
I like how it looks...I think it's really creative and so cute (^_^)
It looks better than I thought actually haha^^
Anyway, I'm glad I bought it hehe <3
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Ride With Me

Yay, it finally arrived \(^_^)/

This is my first Hey! Say! JUMP single after becoming a fan 3 months ago <3 I hope they will release a new album this year :-)

I also bought their new single that will be release on February (and also their new calendar hehe)...I can't wait^^

I just realize that for the past 3 months I bought a lot of Hey! Say! JUMP stuffs...I think I'm going bankrupt because of them lol...Oh well, it's not like I'm complaining or anything haha^^
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NEWS piano collection

Yes, I had been waiting for my copy of News Piano Collection to arrive and now, it's finally here...
I really can't wait to play their songs on piano/guitar...Good thing I took a piano class when I was a senior year in high school...Well, the bad thing is that I completely stop playing it after that class haha...And I'm pretty bad at playing piano haha...I guess I just have to learn all the chords all over again hehe...

I don't know how to play guitar though...But I guess, I will try to teach myself just so I can play their songs on guitar, even though I'm bad at teaching myself haha...

Well anyway, since I don't have the time right now, I have to wait until this semester is over T_T
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Finally finished watching Hidarime Tantei EYE^^

That was a lot of killing (and dying) at the end lol…
But the end was also kind of sad T_T
And I didn't expect the twist at the end...
Well, it was a nice drama...
Yamada Ryosuke did a great job in acting^^
And he was really good at crying scenes...I'm impressed <3

Also, I just love his smile (^_^)

hidarime tantei eye
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It was a really nice and entertaining drama^^ I really like it <3

I think Yamada Ryosuke's acting there is great...I became a fan of him because of this drama <3
I was just interested in Hey! Say! JUMP before (Well just recently haha) but now, I think I'm becoming a fan of them^^

I'm thinking of watching some of his drama (if not all)^^
I did watched Tantei Gakeun Q with my sister back in 2007 but I think I didn't finish it (I think my sister did though)...I don't really remember anything about that drama though haha^^

I'm currently watching Scrap Teacher...It's also a nice drama <3
Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Arioka Daiki, and Nakajima Yuto were really adorable in that drama^^

Next drama (in my list of Yamada Ryosuke's drama):
Hidarime Tantei EYE

Isn't he adorable? (^_^)

Yamada Risuo no musuko
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Finally received my NEWS poster yesterday and I totally love it...I'm actually surprise by the size of the poster though...It is bigger than I expected...Well, it's not that I'm complaining haha^^
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And I love it a lot <3

I actually never thought of becoming a fan of any JE artists...And then I became a fan of V6 this year (last March) because they're really talented when it comes to singing & dancing...And they're also very funny when they're together...My 1st impression of them was that they're cool <3 They're the 1st JE artists that I like (Well the 1st JE artist that I know was Arashi though)...I actually became interested in them because of Okada Junichi though (because of Library Wars...I love that manga/novel a lot)...But after that I never really had any intention of being a fan of any other JE artists other than them...

I already like watching Japanese dramas since I was young but this year I became obsess with it that I even stop watching Korean dramas...Then one of the dramas that I watched this year was My Boss My Hero and that was the 1st time I saw Tegoshi Yuya but I was not really that interested in him to check NEWS out but I do love the drama...Then I watched Deka Wanko, at 1st I was still not interested in Tegoshi Yuya but after a while I fell in love with Deka Wanko as well as Tegoshi Yuya...And then I began to search about them and now I'm in love with NEWS...

Please excuse my poor English hehe^^