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So finally, I received my S3art dvd 2 days ago \(^_^)/ And tbh, I didn't expect to received it that early. I really thought I would receive it on monday next week because I usually receive my packages from cdj a week later (Airmail is the shipping method I usually use). Well, sometimes I receive my packages after 5 days (from when it shipped) but yeah XD It's not like I'm complaining or anything though because I like how fast it arrived haha. I hope I will receive any of my packages from cdj that quick from now on XDD

Anyway, I can't wait to watch it :3 I can't wait to see it in our TV haha. I even learned how to hacked our dvd player just to be able to play a region 2 dvd because we have a region 1 dvd player XDD
It was so hard stopping myself from watching the whole concert because I wanted to watch it when I receive my copy. I did watch some performance though XD Like Oh Idol and BEST Corner from S3art and Live with me concert because I just had too XDDD And I had been waiting for a long time just to see Oh Idol haha.
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news 10th anniversary

So I finally received my copy of this DVD. I'm really happy but sad at the same time, because I know I can't watch it right now since I have a lot of things to do. If I try watching it right now, my schedule will become a mess haha. I hope I can stop the urge to watch it though, at least until I finish all my projects that will be due next week T_T But I have a feeling that I can't do that XD I waited for this Concert DVD to be released since last year, you know haha. I should have bought the Limited Edition though (this is the Regular Edition). Actually, when I tried buying the limited edition in cdjapan, it was already sold out so I just bought the regular one but then, when I checked it after a day, they stocked it again. But I couldn't really cancel my order since I used paypal and not credit card T_T Oh well, this is what I get for being impatient lol.


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