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I'm going to share my InoAri fanvid here~ As some of you may know, they are my OTP so I just had to make a fanvid of them :D Because I (always) love seeing them together so I really enjoyed making this <3

I actually started working on this fanvid last month but because I had an online class (which was a math class and also my worse subject lol), I had to postpone making it. I just continued working on it again last weekend. At first, I was actually using a Japanese song but for some reason, I was in a mood to use an English song so I tried looking for a nice song to use. The English song that I used was originally a Japanese song though. But since I decided to change the song, I had to start from scratch again XD

Tbh, the hardest part in making a video is to look for clips to use (well at least for me). This is always my problem whenever I make a video lol. And I don't use effects at all since I feel like I will ruin my video if I use one. I'm not really good at editing after all XD But I enjoy editing videos even if it's hard :D Too bad, it takes a lot of time (to make a video) so it's hard for me to find time for it. That's also why I couldn't even make a fanvid for Daiki's & Inoo's birthday :( That's actually one of the reason why I decided to make this fanvid. To make up for not being able to make a bday fanvid for them hahaha.

Next, I'm hoping that, since I already finished this fanvid, I'll be able to write a fanfic but I don't know, I feel like I already forgot how to write XD I mean whenever I try to write something, I will always stop halfway because I have no idea how to continue D: Even though I have so many ideas, I can't even write them lol ;-; But I really want to write something before school starts next month >< Oh well, I'll try but if I really can't do it then I'll just give up XD

Anyway, I really did my best in making this fanvid so I hope you like it :D Enjoy~
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Hello, I'm sharing my copy of JUMP's new album which I received yesterday :D I actually thought I wouldn't be able to share it earlier because I had a test yesterday :( But I was able to rip my copy last night so I'm able to post it now~

To be honest, I was not sure if I should share everything from this album since I don't really see any reason to share the songs and PVs that have already been released (and shared) before. But for some reason, I ripped everything from this album XD so in the end, I decided to just share everything here :3 I mean who knows maybe there are some fans out there who still didn't download any of JUMP's songs or maybe there are some people who are curious about them and they want to listen to some of their songs lol.

Anyway, anyone who only wants to download the new/unreleased songs (since I shared zip files), I also provided individual dl links for them. Just click on their title to download (only for new/unreleased songs).
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Hello! I'm here to share my copy of JUMP's new Single :D I actually just received my copy yesterday so I'm so late in sharing this XD Please tell me if there is anything wrong with the links or the videos / MP3s as I was rushing when I ripped them last night since it was getting really late and I needed to sleep early XD

Anyway, I really like Precious Girl especially the 'rila rila' part, I can't get it out of my head lol. But tbh, I actually didn't like Precious girl when I first heard it. After I watched their live performance though, I realized it was actually pretty catchy so now I can't stop listening to it hahaha.

Btw, I'll lock this entry when JUMP release a new single since I keep forgetting to lock my download entry XD

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Happy birthday to my niban and to the prettiest member of Hey Say JUMP~ <3 Am I late too late already to greet him a happy birthday? XD Well it's still June 22 here in the US so it should be fine hahaha. I made a bday fanvid for Inoo's birthday because I just had to make one XD So I'm sharing it here~

Tbh, I was actually trying to decide whether to write a fanfic (an InooDai fanfic XD) or make a fanvid for his bday. I really wanted to do both but unfortunately due to my work (as I work full time), I could only do one of them and as you can see, I decided to make a fanvid >< XD Tbh, writing a fanfic takes a lot of time (at least for me because I edit a lot of times lol since most of the time, I'm not satisfied with the result XD).
But I was actually only able to start making my fanvid on monday (I gathered the clips I was going to use last Saturday and Sunday). And on that day (monday), I had a huge headache ;-; It was hard work lol. I had to force myself to make the fanvid even though my head was killing me >< because I really wanted to finish making it on time ;-; Well, I was able to finish and upload it yesterday so I'm glad hahaha. But because this was really rushed, it didn't come out too good lol. Well, my fanvids are not good anyway since my editing skills suck XDD And tbh I actually always rushed when making my fanvids because I procrastinate a lot hahaha.
Anyway, here's my fanvid :D if anyone wants to watch it XD
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Happy birthday to the most adorable member of Hey! Say! JUMP <3 (Well at least for me he is XD)

I hope it's still not too late to post this XD I actually kind of rushed making this because I really want to post this while it's still April 15 in Japan (even though it's still April 14 here in the US XD).
Tbh, I've been feeling really lazy these days so it did take me awhile to finish this ;-;
But I really wanted to make a fanvid for Daiki's birthday so yeah I'm glad I finished making this haha. I had fun though because he's just too adorable XD

And while making this, I kept asking myself 'How is he 25?'. I mean just look at his face, does he look like he's 25? He looks more like a teenager XD And in 5 years, he'll be 30, you know? lol. Don't tell me he'll still looks like this when he turns 30? XDD But that's fine, please stay cute forever, Daiki~ XD

I actually also wanted to post an InooDai fic for his bday but I don't know, should I post it? I actually finished writing it, it still needs editing though XD But I'm too lazy to even edit it hahaha.

This is my 2nd time making a bday fanvid of Daiki :D And I hope I'll be able to make one for him next year too!

Anyway here's the fanvid. Enjoy~
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I received my JUMPing CAR copies today and I was able to download the wallpapers so I decided to share it here (if anyone wants it) :D

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So I finally finished this Yay \(^_^)/
I really tried finishing this today because I really wanted to post it while it's still the 22nd in Japan. I had a hard time though since I was not able to work on it yesterday (because of something) and I was really close to giving up >< But I was able to finish this so I'm happy :D
Anyway, Inoo was actually the 1st JUMP member that I made a fanvid for last year and that's why I'm happy that I was able to make one this year too :3
I'm really sorry for this crappy fanvid though ;-; I hope I didn't ruin Kei's beauty with this lol

Anyway, here's my fanvid:
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So yeah, JUMP will release a new album next month and I preordered the bundle as soon as CDJ listed it on their website :3 I actually didn't think that they will release an album this soon though since they just released a single last month. Well, it's not like I'm complaining though since I'm really happy that they're really active this year. I had a feeling that they will release one this year but I thought it will be either on July or august.

The new album is pricey though >< I never spent that much money for an album after all XD Well, I don't regret it even though my bank account is crying haha. I was actually supposed to use that money for JUMP's concert goods this year but yeah, they decided to release a new album this year so I just had to preorder it XD I might not have that much money left for the tour goods (I don't think I can even buy the HSJ clearfiles (The one with Arashi and the one without) for Waku Waku Gakkou goods D:) ;A; Oh well, that's fine since I'm not really fond of clearfiles anyway XD I hope I can still buy some concert goods even if it's only Daiki's photoset though lol >< But yeah, I rather buy their album than concert goods anyway :3

Nothing, I just don't know what to post here in livejournal~ (I prefer to call this site as 'livejournal' than 'lj' because I feel like I'm mentioning myself XDD)

Oh yeah, when I first saw the name 'JUMPing CAR' I thought the new album was a joke and at that time, only 1 person tweeted an info about it so i didn't know whether to believe it or not XD But then, a lot of people suddenly started tweeting about it so I realized it was true after all haha. Oh well, looking at the tracklist, I think this album will be epic :D I mean just look at the title of some of the songs lol just kidding XD Of course, their new album will be great as always :D Anyway, can't wait for their new album :3
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So finally I finished my bday fanvid for Yamada on time for his birthday :3
I'm really happy I could make one for him since I couldn't make one for him last year (since I was busy with school ;A;) >< I promised myself that I would definitely make one for him this year so yes, I finally made one haha :D

I had a hard time looking for clips though >< I thought I wouldn't have a problem with that since Yamada have a lot of appearances in JUMP's pv making or something but still, I had a hard time looking for some XD Maybe it was because of the song I picked? or maybe it was just my own fault? oh well whatever as long as I finished it XDDD

Anyway, happy birthday Yamachan <3 Actually, he was my ichiban in JUMP but Daiki stole that place XDD But it's ok, I still love you Yamachan :3 You're the reason I became a fan of JUMP in the first place after all :D And I'm also turning 22 this year ;A; I'm getting old XD

Anyway, here's the fanvid :D I'm sorry if it's not good D:
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So I made a birthday fanvid for Daiki :3 I couldn't make a bday fanvid for him last year since I was busy so I was really happy that I was able to make one this year :D

I really had fun editing this video since I like looking at him (ok that sounds creepy XD). I mean I'll never get tired looking at him since he's so adorable :3 I'm not really satisfied with how this turned out though because it looks so rushed ;A; I only edited this for 2 days after all so I guess that's why >< But I'm not really good at video editing anyway so whatever XD

Anyway, here's the fanvid :D
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So finally, I received my S3art dvd 2 days ago \(^_^)/ And tbh, I didn't expect to received it that early. I really thought I would receive it on monday next week because I usually receive my packages from cdj a week later (Airmail is the shipping method I usually use). Well, sometimes I receive my packages after 5 days (from when it shipped) but yeah XD It's not like I'm complaining or anything though because I like how fast it arrived haha. I hope I will receive any of my packages from cdj that quick from now on XDD

Anyway, I can't wait to watch it :3 I can't wait to see it in our TV haha. I even learned how to hacked our dvd player just to be able to play a region 2 dvd because we have a region 1 dvd player XDD
It was so hard stopping myself from watching the whole concert because I wanted to watch it when I receive my copy. I did watch some performance though XD Like Oh Idol and BEST Corner from S3art and Live with me concert because I just had too XDDD And I had been waiting for a long time just to see Oh Idol haha.
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Happy birthday to the talented, awesome & handsome bassist, and the jokester (and a bias ruiner XD) of Hey! Say! JUMP <3
It's still December 2nd in Japan so I'm not late yet XD

I made a fan video because I really wanted to make one for his birthday haha^^ Actually, I just started making this yesterday because I was out from Thursday to Saturday last week because of Thanksgiving Day ;A; So I actually made this video in a rush haha. I was actually on the verge of giving up because I was having a hard time looking for video clips to use since I don't have that much raw videos in my hard drive (almost all of them have English subtitles ;A;). This fanvid is such a fail though T_T lol

To be honest, I didn't really find Hikaru attractive at first ;A; I just really noticed that he's good looking when I watched Orthros no inu XD And from then on, he became a bias ruiner lol^^ Nothing, I just wanted to mention that XDD And I actually like seeing him play dark characters because he's good at those :3 Well, he is a good actor anyway no matter what character he plays <3

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So it's been a year since I became a fan of JUMP :D Actually, I should have posted this last month since I became a fan of them on October last year haha but I was too lazy to post anything last month XDD
Anyway, I still can't believe I found my way in the Johnny's fandom because tbh, I didn't have a good image about JE XD (I think I said that a lot of times already though lol). But I'm thankful I found my way in this fandom because if not then I wouldn't have become a fan of JUMP <3 haha. And I don't regret a thing about it :D

Tbh, I'm someone who get tired easily of things and so whenever I like a group, that liking is not going to last for a year XD When that liking goes over a year then that means I really like that group. And that means I really like HSJ which I totally do <3 XD Actually, the only group that I like for a long time is JYJ (and I've been a fan of them for almost 7 years! haha) :3

I'm really glad I'm in the HSJ fandom because I love love love JUMP so much <3 I hope me being a fan of them is going to last for a long time^^

Anyway, I guess belated happy 1st anniversary to me (in this fandom haha) <3
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OMG, look what arrived today. I was so happy when I saw my package in the living room (my mom brought it in from outside when she arrived home from work). I was actually already expecting it to arrive today but I didn't really keep my hopes up because whenever I expect something to arrive, my package(s) never arrived so yeah but since it really did arrive, I'm really happy right now (^_^) I was actually really excited to receive this calendar. Seeing the scans all over facebook and tumblr made it harder for me to wait haha. I actually prefer a wall calendar when buying a calendar but seeing the actual calendar, I actually like it a lot. There are a lot of nice pictures. And of course, Yamada and Daiki look good and adorable as usual (sorry for being bias hehe^^). Inoo looks really pretty too (seriously, this guy is ruining my bias list XD). Well, all in all, they all look good and adorable^^ And I don't regret buying this calendar either. I'm so glad I did^^

And I can't wait for their concert. I hope they will release a DVD for that. Also, I hope they'll perform Aisureba. For some reason, I want to see them perform it. I'm sure it's going to be a cute performance. Also, I hope they will release an album this year *prays hard*

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Ride With Me

Yay, it finally arrived \(^_^)/

This is my first Hey! Say! JUMP single after becoming a fan 3 months ago <3 I hope they will release a new album this year :-)

I also bought their new single that will be release on February (and also their new calendar hehe)...I can't wait^^

I just realize that for the past 3 months I bought a lot of Hey! Say! JUMP stuffs...I think I'm going bankrupt because of them lol...Oh well, it's not like I'm complaining or anything haha^^
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Finally finished watching Hidarime Tantei EYE^^

That was a lot of killing (and dying) at the end lol…
But the end was also kind of sad T_T
And I didn't expect the twist at the end...
Well, it was a nice drama...
Yamada Ryosuke did a great job in acting^^
And he was really good at crying scenes...I'm impressed <3

Also, I just love his smile (^_^)

hidarime tantei eye
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It was a really nice and entertaining drama^^ I really like it <3

I think Yamada Ryosuke's acting there is great...I became a fan of him because of this drama <3
I was just interested in Hey! Say! JUMP before (Well just recently haha) but now, I think I'm becoming a fan of them^^

I'm thinking of watching some of his drama (if not all)^^
I did watched Tantei Gakeun Q with my sister back in 2007 but I think I didn't finish it (I think my sister did though)...I don't really remember anything about that drama though haha^^

I'm currently watching Scrap Teacher...It's also a nice drama <3
Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Arioka Daiki, and Nakajima Yuto were really adorable in that drama^^

Next drama (in my list of Yamada Ryosuke's drama):
Hidarime Tantei EYE

Isn't he adorable? (^_^)

Yamada Risuo no musuko