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Hello, I'm sharing my copy of JUMP's new album which I received yesterday :D I actually thought I wouldn't be able to share it earlier because I had a test yesterday :( But I was able to rip my copy last night so I'm able to post it now~

To be honest, I was not sure if I should share everything from this album since I don't really see any reason to share the songs and PVs that have already been released (and shared) before. But for some reason, I ripped everything from this album XD so in the end, I decided to just share everything here :3 I mean who knows maybe there are some fans out there who still didn't download any of JUMP's songs or maybe there are some people who are curious about them and they want to listen to some of their songs lol.

Anyway, anyone who only wants to download the new/unreleased songs (since I shared zip files), I also provided individual dl links for them. Just click on their title to download (only for new/unreleased songs).
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Hello! I'm here to share my copy of JUMP's new Single :D I actually just received my copy yesterday so I'm so late in sharing this XD Please tell me if there is anything wrong with the links or the videos / MP3s as I was rushing when I ripped them last night since it was getting really late and I needed to sleep early XD

Anyway, I really like Precious Girl especially the 'rila rila' part, I can't get it out of my head lol. But tbh, I actually didn't like Precious girl when I first heard it. After I watched their live performance though, I realized it was actually pretty catchy so now I can't stop listening to it hahaha.

Btw, I'll lock this entry when JUMP release a new single since I keep forgetting to lock my download entry XD

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So 2 days ago, I finally received my copy of JYJ's new single 'Wake me tonight' \(^_^)/ I was really excited for this single since it's been a long time since they released a Japanese single >< And I really wanted to hear them sing (and speak) in Japanese again ;A; I'm just sad that they didn't have a PV for this single though >< I guess they are really busy that's why? I was even looking forward to that T^T But that's fine too even if they didn't have a PV for it :3 Just hearing them sing in Japanese again is already enough for me :) It would have been really great if they could promote it on music shows but I guess that is impossible to happen right now T_T

And congrats to JYJ btw for ranking 2nd on the Oricon chart :) I think it's great that they ranked 2nd even though they couldn't even promote this single on TV and that there's only 1 version of this single but they could sell 135,556 for the 1st week :D It means they are still relevant in Japan (Well of course they are! duh~ XD) ;A; I'm happy for them :3

And Happy 7th year anniversary to me because this month marks the 7th year that I've been a fan of them haha <3 Wow, time flies so fast~ I was only 14 when I became a fan of them you know >< XD I'll really miss JYJ when they go to the military ;A; Well, they will come back after 2 years but still >< 2 years is still a long time T_T
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Ride With Me

Yay, it finally arrived \(^_^)/

This is my first Hey! Say! JUMP single after becoming a fan 3 months ago <3 I hope they will release a new album this year :-)

I also bought their new single that will be release on February (and also their new calendar hehe)...I can't wait^^

I just realize that for the past 3 months I bought a lot of Hey! Say! JUMP stuffs...I think I'm going bankrupt because of them lol...Oh well, it's not like I'm complaining or anything haha^^