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Hello! I'm here to share my copy of JUMP's new Single :D I actually just received my copy yesterday so I'm so late in sharing this XD Please tell me if there is anything wrong with the links or the videos / MP3s as I was rushing when I ripped them last night since it was getting really late and I needed to sleep early XD

Anyway, I really like Precious Girl especially the 'rila rila' part, I can't get it out of my head lol. But tbh, I actually didn't like Precious girl when I first heard it. After I watched their live performance though, I realized it was actually pretty catchy so now I can't stop listening to it hahaha.

Btw, I'll lock this entry when JUMP release a new single since I keep forgetting to lock my download entry XD

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So 2 days ago, I finally received my copy of JYJ's new single 'Wake me tonight' \(^_^)/ I was really excited for this single since it's been a long time since they released a Japanese single >< And I really wanted to hear them sing (and speak) in Japanese again ;A; I'm just sad that they didn't have a PV for this single though >< I guess they are really busy that's why? I was even looking forward to that T^T But that's fine too even if they didn't have a PV for it :3 Just hearing them sing in Japanese again is already enough for me :) It would have been really great if they could promote it on music shows but I guess that is impossible to happen right now T_T

And congrats to JYJ btw for ranking 2nd on the Oricon chart :) I think it's great that they ranked 2nd even though they couldn't even promote this single on TV and that there's only 1 version of this single but they could sell 135,556 for the 1st week :D It means they are still relevant in Japan (Well of course they are! duh~ XD) ;A; I'm happy for them :3

And Happy 7th year anniversary to me because this month marks the 7th year that I've been a fan of them haha <3 Wow, time flies so fast~ I was only 14 when I became a fan of them you know >< XD I'll really miss JYJ when they go to the military ;A; Well, they will come back after 2 years but still >< 2 years is still a long time T_T
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Ride With Me

Yay, it finally arrived \(^_^)/

This is my first Hey! Say! JUMP single after becoming a fan 3 months ago <3 I hope they will release a new album this year :-)

I also bought their new single that will be release on February (and also their new calendar hehe)...I can't wait^^

I just realize that for the past 3 months I bought a lot of Hey! Say! JUMP stuffs...I think I'm going bankrupt because of them lol...Oh well, it's not like I'm complaining or anything haha^^