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So I finally finished this Yay \(^_^)/
I really tried finishing this today because I really wanted to post it while it's still the 22nd in Japan. I had a hard time though since I was not able to work on it yesterday (because of something) and I was really close to giving up >< But I was able to finish this so I'm happy :D
Anyway, Inoo was actually the 1st JUMP member that I made a fanvid for last year and that's why I'm happy that I was able to make one this year too :3
I'm really sorry for this crappy fanvid though ;-; I hope I didn't ruin Kei's beauty with this lol

Anyway, here's my fanvid:
bday fanvid :3 )
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Pairing: InooDai
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4000+
Summary: Daiki fell in love at first sight
Note: Other than the fanvid, I also wrote a oneshot for Inoo's birthday :D No, actually it was just a coincidence that I was writing this before Inoo's birthday so I thought of just sharing this on his birthday haha. Well, it's already June 23rd in Japan though (even though it's still June 22nd here in the US) XD
Anyway, InooDai is my main otp so I'm happy that I was able to write something for them ;-; I'm really sorry if this is not good though >< And I'm sorry about any grammar mistakes ;A;
Do you believe in love at first sight? )